Fireworks pictures, PS filter making colorful fireworks effect pictures tutorial

  courseIt is easy to make a three-dimensional radioactive fireworks through PSFilterThe students can follow the tutorial to make it. The color can be adjusted freely in the later stage. For example, there are many fireworks making tutorials, most of which are similar. The students can search for keywords in I believe that the students can learn it quickly through the tutorial.


Operation steps:

01. Open PS, CTRL+N, and create a new canvas with a size of 800X800 pixels.

-02. Select the gradient tool. Click the property bar to set your favorite color.

-03. Confirm after adjustment, select a linear gradient, and pull out a color gradient vertically.

-04. Select Filter Twist Polar. Select [Plane coordinate to polar coordinate].

-05. Press the shortcut key lD to restore the foreground color to the default black and white color.

-06. Select Filter – Pixel – Dot. The cell size value is set to 30.

-07. Select Filter – Stylize – Find Edge.