Fine brushwork, PS to hand-painted, making ancient characters into fine brushwork effect tutorial

For a while, it was very popular to convert digital photos into fine brushwork effects. I believe that students have seen it in many places. How is this artistic effect made? In fact, the operation is relatively simple. First of all, we need to be prepared in the early stage, and try to rely on the classical effect in terms of clothing or hair style, so that it will be much simpler in the later stage. We need to show it as a fine brushwork effect through various adjustments. Photos need to be adjusted step by step, and then throughFilterThe filter effect in the library is used to decorate it. I believe that students will followcourseIt can be completed very well. Let’s study together.


Original picture:

Operation steps:

1. Open PS and insert materialpicture, first create a new background layer. Click the [Create New Layer] button, set the foreground color (HSB: 30/30/100), and press the shortcut key [Alt+Delete] to fill in the light color. (Because the background color of the material is rich, in order to get a single background effectMattingProcessing)

  然后再给背景添加纹理,可以执行滤镜 > 纹理 > 纹理化,纹理选择【画布,设置缩放:50,凸现:2,光照右下,点击确认。

2. Press [Ctrl+J] to copy the character layer to get the “character copy” layer. Select “Character Copy” and press [Ctrl+Shift+U] to de color the layer, or execute image → Adjust → De color

3. Press [Ctrl+J] again to copy the layer to get the “Figure Copy 2” layer. Press [Ctrl+I] to invert, and set the layer mixing mode to “color fade”

  4.再选择“人物 拷贝2”,执行滤镜 > 其他 > 最小值,弹出窗口后 设置半径为“1”,点击确认。

Press [Ctrl+E] to merge layers downward, and set the layer mixing mode to “soft light”.

5. Create a new filling or adjustment layer, select Add [Photo Filter Layer], select [Heating Filter 81], and the concentration is 90%.

Finally, you can add text and other materials as decorations. The little partners with materials can play freely later~


Learn through the tutorial specifically. I believe you will do better. Only practice can improve PS technology. Follow the tutorial to practice. You can also find materials in similar tutorials, which will make it more textured.