Find the best way to pick hair by using the filter to pick up pictures

  MattingIt is very methodical, and the specific needs are based on the complexity of the subject and background in the original material. The monkey hair color is different as shown in the figure below, so it is better to use the hair drawn outFilterCut out the white and black hair.


Final effect

When I just found the “monkey” material picture, I began to conceive. I usually use three methods of cutting pictures:

1) Use the filter plug-in, knockout 2.0. The advantages of this plug-in are fast matting speed and less hair loss.

  2)passagewayMatting method.

3) Extract the matting method.

After thinking about it, we began the journey of experiment.

Solution 1: As is customary, I first use the “filter plug-in – knockout 2.0”.

Double click the layer to unlock, and then use the plug-in to select the range of the inner and outer circles reasonably:

Output the image, but after careful observation, it can be found that there are two places (circled with red lines) in the output image where there is significant hair loss, and the first scheme fails.