Filter matting, use PS to pull out the filter to pick out the picture of spiny caterpillars

ExtractFilterIt is faster to pick out messy hair. When using the filter, it is more important to force the foreground color setting. You need to draw twice according to the main color of the hair and the color of the highlight part, so that the details of the hair are out, and then you can wipe out the main body separately with a mask.

Original drawing

Final effect

1. ForpictureAfter three consecutive layers are created, and a background layer is built under layer 1. I choose green.

2. On layer 1, click the Filter – Extract command, and after the dialog box pops up, enlarge the image as much as possible. Then set the brush size of the edge highlight tool to a small point. Here I have 4 pixels. Check the mandatory foreground below and adjust it to black.

3. It’s time to test people’s patience and mouse control! The hair of caterpillars is too much, and most of them are integrated with the background color. I tried to use the popular hair button tool, but it is difficult to pick it out. Therefore, the inconspicuous filter tool “pull out” is now of great use.

That is to say, if you learn the extraction filter well today, you will not be afraid of the hair picture that is difficult to pick in the future. However, there is a premise that requires your patience. As shown in the picture, the eyes are not blurred, the heart is not anxious, the hands are not shaking, and the hair of the worms is covered one by one, and the big brush must not be used.

4. After selecting all, if you see where the lines are a little thick, you can carefully erase them with the eraser tool in the upper left corner. For thinner hair, it is recommended to use a brush smaller than 4 pixels. OK, press OK when finished.

5. The transparent rendering after layer 1 is extracted.

6. Select the copy of layer 1. Here we want to pick out the white hairs on the caterpillar. We just forced the foreground color to be black in order to pick out the black hair. Now we force it to be white. Point filter – pop up a dialog box after pulling out the tool, set the brush size to 8 pixels, and force the foreground color to be white. Use a paintbrush to paint the white area, and it can be painted completely, as shown in the figure.

7. After pressing OK, we found that there are too many white in some places, so we built a white mask and carefully erased the excess white with an eraser.

8. Create a black mask on copy 2 of layer 1 (press Alt+Add Layer Mask button), set the foreground color to black, and then use the eraser tool to smear the body of the caterpillar. At this time, if you think the hair of the caterpillar is light, you can first click the view in front of the black mask, then use the 20-pixel lasso tool to roughly select the body of the caterpillar, and then use the color scale tool to deepen the hair.

9. Click on the black mask and continue to wipe, mainly to wipe out the upper and lower sections of the stick. Ok, don’t move after painting, seal the layer (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+E), and properly increase the saturation and sharpness of the caterpillar on the layer.

Final effect: