Film effect. Photoshop calls out the darkened portrait photos. Film effect tutorial

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopThe film texture is mainly derived from the film effect of the darkened portraitpictureBecause the pictures taken by the digital camera are too clear and clean, this feeling may be lost. At this time, we need to use the postFilterTo achieve this effect.

Tutorial Rendering

For detailed operations, seevideoTutorial demonstration:Click to enter the video tutorial

Step 01 BasicsTinting

Increase exposure, reduce highlights and white, and brighten the background while retaining details. Improve the shadow and black, and brighten the characters.

Fine tune the color temperature and definition to shape the overall texture of the picture.

Step 02 Light and shade adjustment

Adjust the curve as shown in the figure to enhance the film feeling of the photo. Raise the crease value.