Figure illustration, drawing Cyberpunk style figure illustration with Photoshop mouse painting tutorial

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopDraw cyberpunk style figure illustration, learn to use gradient to make cool cyberpunk style illustration. explain:videoThe practical demonstration is completed in PS software.

design sketch

Difficulties in techniques

1、 Super colorful gradient eye painting 00:32

The whole gradient bar of the mirror surface has 11 color values, and the edge has 3 directions. The gradient angle in each direction is different.

2、 How to make the characters have a sense of light? 00:32

Between the background of the figure fish, the outer contour of the figure is supplemented with some vector shapes, and a certain fuzzy value is given.

3、 How to add the background graininess?

Draw a black layer of the same size as the background, select Dissolve as the layer mode, and add a layer mask.

The tutorial refers to the video tutorial:Click to enter the video tutorial