Drawing Patterns, Drawing Tai Chi Diagram with PS Mouse Drawing Tutorial

  photoshopThe box selection tool of contains four tools, namely, rectangular box selection tool, elliptical box selection tool, single row box selection tool, and single column box selection tool. The box selection tool allows you to select rectangular, elliptical, and 1 pixel wide rows and columns.

1. Press the shortcut key “Ctrl+R” to call up the ruler, select the “Ellipse Box Selection Tool” in the toolbox, and press and hold the Shift key to draw a circle selection area

2. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool, and select the Subtract from Selection button in the toolbar to subtract the half side of the elliptical marquee

3. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool and click the Subtract from Selection button to subtract a circle

4. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool and click the Add to Selection button to add a circle

5. Click the “New Layer Button” below the layer panel to create a new layer, and fill the selection area with “black” (press Alt+Delete twice). Press Ctrl+D to cancel the selection area

6. We copy the current layer (Ctrl+J), select “Copy Layer 1”, press the shortcut key “Ctrl+T”, and select “Rotate 180 °” in the pop-up drop-down list

7. Press Shift and drag it to the right until it is completely closed, select the background layer to fill it in red, select “Layer One Copy”, press Ctrl and click “Layer thumbnail” to create a selection area, and fill the right half with “white”

8. Create a new layer to draw a circle

9. Copy the small circle and fill it with “black”

10. Select the layer of the two small circles, and select the move tool to “align horizontally in the middle”

In life, we can use the box selection tool to draw different shapes and achieve different effects. We believe that we are a great god of PS, and nothing is impossible.