Double eyelids, use PS to handle the eyes with double eyelids more naturally

OnMap revisionWe will often encounter such double eyelids, which are not beautiful and natural. Some wrong ways to repair the picture are that the double eyelids are still obviously there, but they weaken the effect of the double eyelids. It seems that the eyes are not so double, the eyelashes become lighter, and the overall effect is not as good as the original. How should we modify them at this time? Specifically adoptedcourseCome and learn, I believe students can do better through the tutorial.


Original picture:

Operation steps:

1. Create a blank layer – positive overlay – brush

Absorb the nearby color, use 30% opacity and flow, darken the part of the double eyelid that sticks to the highlight, and extend the black eyeliner

2. Create a blank layer – copy the seal

Use 100% imitation stamp to trim off the redundant black lines. Try to keep the circle as small as possible and avoid eyelashes. 3. Create a blank layer – positive overlay – brush

Use a 50% brush to absorb the color of eyelashes and fill some missing eyelashes 4. Overprint layer – liquefaction – draw eyelashes

Liquefy and adjust the lines of the double eyelids to be smooth, and draw the lower eyelashes in the third step. Let’s look at the front and back

Is this modification natural and true? In order to improve our work efficiency, we can establish actions.