Digital photos with fresh and cool tone effect by PS color adjustment

Photos are given to characters through curvesColor paletteIt can be seen from this that the curves are powerful. In fact, the photos taken in the early stage are good, and the performance of the characters is also very good. In the later stage, only color mixing is needed to make the photos to a higher level. This is the strength of PS. Color mixing can not be learned at once. It requires students to practice regularly and accumulate some experience. When they get the photos for color mixing, they will know what color they want. Let’s learn to make it together.



Operation steps:

Step 1:

Open PS, press Ctrl+O to put in the layer of the character to be colored, and you will get the “Layer 0” layer; Then press Ctrl+J to copy the layer 0 in the following figure, and you will get the “layer 0 copy” layer