Cutout tutorial of using Photoshop channel tool to extract cute dog pictures

This chaptercourseTake everyone to give a cute puppyMatting, the tutorial mainly usespassagewayTools to complete, I hope it will help you learn to cut corners.

As students who often practice drawing picking know, hair picking is the worst. It involves light and shade, or small hair. This article uses examples to pick out animal hair, mainly usingChannel mattingNo matter how complicated the drawing is, you can learn it as long as you are patient with it. Anything can be successful not once. You need to practice many times. Learn how to do it through the tutorial.

design sketch:

<a>photoshop</a>使用通道工具抠出可爱的狗狗” border=”0″ src=”/d/file/2022/0516/1652690307442.png” style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=Effect after replacing the new background:

Original picture:

Operation steps:

01. Image analysis

Before formal matting, first analyze the original drawing:

(1) The dog’s whole body is covered with disorderly fluff, so it can only be handled through channels;

(2) From the channel perspective, the villi can be roughly divided into two parts:

a) Light colored fluff part;

b) Dark fluff;

(3) Since it is impossible to pick out the light and dark fluff at one time, you need to use channel matting at least twice;

(4) [Experience]: After several times of practice, the fuzz must not be too hard, otherwisesynthesisIt is important to note that the effect is very bad after the new background.