Copying portraits, PS Basic knowledge of mouse painting Copying character portraits

Thiscourseintroducesai ofBasicsKnowledge copying portraits. The most basic practice method to learn mouse painting is to copy, find some less complicated materials, and then use PS to practice painting. At first, it may be a little strange, and gradually it will form its own painting style!

Final effect

1. When starting a draft, you can set the transparency of the layers of the disordered lines in the first time~start the draft again on the new layer~make the starting line more accurate and simple

2. First use monochrome to process the face effect Paint the light and dark well with the structure Common toolsBrush~Lower the hardness

3. Draw the eyes… I like her eyes better~then draw the eyes on the new layer first This is a bad habit

4. Then paint the face structure more clearly Brush hardness slightly increased The eye structure is too good

5. Turn the dark down… adjust the size and hardness of the brush… often turn the picture down to observe whether the face structure is correct

6. Slowly paint MM’s “blood color”… pink and pink face… slightly green back shadow… slightly yellow forehead… pay attention to the backlight surface

7. Draw the mouth… first paint the structure with a large color block Always pay attention to the feeling of upright body when drawing facial features

8. Draw the hair… The brush is still the same. The change is the hardness spacing… pay attention to the messy part of the hair

9. It’s hard time… turn the brush down… lighten the color… sketch the more obvious hair

10. Start to draw the upper lip of the mouth… pay attention to adjust the color of the face for each painting Wait Maintain a sense of integrity

11. At the end, the hair will be portrayed Draw the background Adjust the brush to the softest and paint the light and shade more “violently” Sign your name OK!