Change the background of the photo, and quickly change the blue background of the photo with PS color mixing


Final effect

1. Open the original image, duplicate a layer, and change the layer blending mode of the duplicate layer to “Soft Light”.

2. Create a new layer, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E to seal the layer, press Ctrl+UTintingThe parameter settings of phase/saturation are shown in the figure below.

3. After adjustment, duplicate the color adjusted layer, change the layer blending mode to “soft light”, and then merge the two blue layers.

4. Add the mask in the above figure, and use the lasso or automatic selection tool to select the characters, and feather them properly.

5. Fill the added layer mask with black.

6. The effect is as shown in the picture. If you are not satisfied, use soft strokesBrushDecorate it in the mask.

7. Type text and decorate some starlight brushes to complete the final effect.