Cartoon head portrait, PS mouse drawing exaggerated cartoon head image based on character head portrait

Drawing cartoons requires strong artistic skills, because cartoons are different from realistic paintings, requiring more abstract thinking, grasping some characteristics of character images, and expressing them in exaggerated ways.

Final effect

1. Make a draft:

Because it is not based on fantasy, you need a portrait photo before painting. The expression is exaggerated and vivid, which can arouse your creative desire. Draft is a very important step, because it is not realistic, so we can express his expressionBasicsContinue to enlarge and exaggerate the image, so as to avoid being dull and fierce.

2. The whole image isphotoshopCompleted. Create a new panel with arbitrary size, because it is a vector map completed with the shape tool of a pen.

3. The whole painting process is completed with the pen tool.

4. The whole image is divided into three parts: hair, face, and body (the shape of the body is determined later, and it will be left alone for the time being). Then start to tick the shape on the layer above the draft! In order not to completely cover the draft, the transparency of the outlined shape can be adjusted to semi-transparent.

5. Next, we will start to paint all parts! It’s right to make the whole shape first and then add small details. As for details, it needs accumulation and observation at ordinary times.

6. Eyes and eyebrows: first, adjust them, and then add details, such as pupil, which can add the effect of external light. It looks like a beautiful pupil. Continue to add highlights and reflections to make the eyes more content. The performance of the eyes is particularly important, the window of the mind.

7. Mouth: still big color, add small details. You may think it is rough and not fine enough. This needs to be adjusted while painting.

8. Nose: I habitually add a layer mask where the transition is needed, and then use the gradient tool to adjust it.

9. The nose is treated in the same way as eyebrows and eyes and mouth.

10. The face is basically finished. Let’s continue to enrich the details, including highlights, reflections and projections. If you don’t know where and how to add them, take out the photos and let’s draw gourds. Also, pay attention to the fact that where men grow beards, their skin color will turn blue, which can enrich the details of the picture.

11. If you look bad, please apply powder blusher. First use the shape tool to draw a shape of powder blusher, and thenFilter-Gaussian blur, and then adjust the radius of pixels or transparency until you feel natural.

12. I always think there are some shortcomings. Hmm, mustache is an indispensable weapon for vitality. First is the basic type of a beard, and then add it by pinch, and then add it by root.

13. It’s time to paint the hair. The hair treatment this time is relatively simple, without too many details, just like the treatment of the beard.

14. If you want to make your hair more textured, you can use the gradient tool to handle it, and then add highlights and reflections, such as the effect shown below.

15. The head is finished.

With the head, we should wear more vigorous clothes, and add a prop. The treatment of the body is the same. You can also add more details to make it more three-dimensional, and add more scenes.