Candy color picture, candy color architectural landscape picture post PS color tutorial

@Manhattan Impression PHOTO: Hello, everyone. I’m Manhattan Impression. Today, I bring you an issueTintingcourseThe color and tone of imitated candy. Now let’s take a look at some case pictures on the Internet. We will analyze the later ideas of these candy colors through the case pictures.

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Thinking analysis

Let’s analyze the tones of these photos from two perspectives:

Brightness (black white gray relationship):

These photos belong to the bright tone, and the details are clearly visible. You can open these photos to view the histogram of these photos. It can be seen that most of the information in the histogram is distributed on the right, and there is a lot of brightness information. Therefore, we should try to keep the histogram of the photos to the right, and let more details show.


Low saturation, high brightness, and the sky and buildings prefer a fixed color, as shown below.

In the later period, the color of the sky and buildings should be adjusted to the above corresponding colors.

Let me show you a picture:

Final effect picture (this is actually an anime style)

Early stage: This photo was taken in the school on a sunny day at noon. It can be seen from the photo that the sky is still blue, which is convenient for us to color the sky in the later stage. We try to take the photo when the sky is blue, which is convenient for us to color the sky in the later stage. If the sky is white at that time, it is difficult to adjust the color of the sky. Maybe we can trysynthesissky.