Booky Beauty, PS Rat Painting Classic Booky Beauty Figure Tutorial

ThiscourseIntroduce complex characterssai method. There are many elements to be drawn, and the description of the scene and the details of the characters requires a certain skill. In particular, the small decoration department is very time-consuming, and you should be patient when making it.

Final effect

Partial Enlarged View

1、 Outline

The size of the canvas is determined by the performance difference between the small bully learning machine and the small bully learning machine. This link is decisive, with artBasicsMost of them are from the beginning. We directly from the real scenepictureChinese description. This process can be appropriatelybeautifyIn all parts, the eyes should be bigger and the bridge of nose should be higher. In any case, in order to be beautiful and pure, we should die.

1. Create a canvas.

2. Use the pen tool to trace the draft carefully.

3. Determine the general tone and fill each layer in layers. Note: There are many layers, each with a name that you can remember and stored in groups.