Black and white peony, PS mouse painting beautiful black and white peony picture tutorial

ThiscourseMainly about black and white peoniessai Method, the drawing method needs to be based on personal preference. The author starts to draw flowers and then leaves and branches. The leaves and flowers are painted with a very layered effect, which feels very exquisite! For other peony drawing methods, please refer to the following tutorial!

Draw fine Chinese peony

Draw beautiful peonies

Final effect

1. Create a new 700 * 530 white canvas with a resolution of 96.

2 Open the path panel, and create three new paths, four in total, named petal 1 petal 2 leaf branches

3 Use the pen tool to draw the paths as shown in Figure 1/2/3/4, as shown in Figure 1-4

4 Click the path of petal 1, return to the layer panel and create a new layer called petal 1, press Ctrl+Enter to turn the path into a selection area, fill in light gray # C8C8C8, and use the deepening/thinning tool to paint highlights and shadows, as shown in Figure 5

5. See Figure 6 for duplication, arrangement and deformation