Background synthesis, PS synthesis to add dynamic background to photos tutorial

ThiscourseThe production effect is very creative and has a kind of dynamic body beauty. However, the author did not provide some decorative materials, so you need to download them online.


Final effect

1. Look at the original pictureDesignOutMap revisionPolicy process.

2. Pull out the character, adjust the photo, and pay attention to the contrast and excessive skin color. The light on the leg of this photo is not filled in place, so it needs to be adjusted:

3. Adjust skin color and clothing color, mainly using adjustable layers, and then add background material, reflection, etc. Note that the instep is stretched down a little with free transformation deformation adjustment drops. The following tutorials can be used to make streamers:photoshopMaking elegant translucent silk

4. Add a highlight on the beauty’s leg, use a pen to outline the location of the highlight, fill white — Gaussian blur — reduce transparency, or fill a new layer of 50% gray — Mode soft light — draw with the fade tool, all roads lead to Rome, and you can easily reach the destination.

5. Materials, words, and finally sharpen:.