At the later stage of the wedding dress, the photos of outdoor characters’ wedding dresses are displayed through PS “painting”

ViacoursePut ordinary exteriorWedding dressPhotos are made with a high sense of sophistication. I have seen many wedding photos. This tutorial “draws” wedding dresses through PS to test students’ practical ability. Especially when using brushes, the lines drawn should be smooth, and aesthetic feeling should be considered. Let’s operate together. If it is difficult to make wedding dresses at the beginning, you can first see how to do the tutorial, and then strengthen the practice.


Operation steps:

1. In [Camera Raw 12.2], adjust [Tone Curve] to improve brightness, press a little highlight and add a little contrast. Click [Basic] to adjust the contrast to – 48, shadow to+28, black to+60, highlight to – 70, white to+13, and saturation to+41.

2. Click [Calibration] to adjust the skin color, and the saturation of red primary color is – 20, the hue of green primary color is+65, and the hue of red primary color is+11. Click [Lens Correction] to check Delete Color Difference, enable profile correction, and change the vignetting to 70.

3. Click [HSL Adjustment]. [Brightness]: red+49, orange+51, yellow+36, green+18, light green+48, blue+43, [Saturation]: green+73, light green+78, blue+76.

4. Click [Separation Tone]. The hue and saturation of highlights are 242 and 7 respectively. The hue of the shadow is 38 and the saturation is 4. Click [Details]. Reduce the brightness of noise to 18 and color to 100. Click [Open Image]. In PSMap revision, select [Repair Tool] to circle the defect and click Delete to repair the details on the face and the folds of men’s clothes.

5. Use [Liquefaction tool, shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+X] to liquefy the face, copy the layer twice, and select layer 1【Filter】-[Blur] – [Gaussian Blur] value is 2, click OK. Copy layer 1, select [Image] – [Application Image] – select layer 1 – Mix, select [Subtract], change the layer to [Linear Light], and select [Mixer Brush Tool] to decorate the face on layer 1.

6. [Copy layer, shortcut key: Ctrl+J], select [Repair tool] or two [Imitate stamp] tools to repair the place of lady’s hair, [Copy layer, shortcut key: Ctrl+J], zoom outpictureTo the lower right corner, use the [Rectangular Box Selection Tool] to select the part of yarn and stretch it to the left. Select the part of yarn above the head and stretch it to complete the composition.

7. Next, make the yarn layers and colors. [Copy layer, shortcut key: Ctrl+J], select [Filter] – [Nik Collection] – [Color Efex Pro 4] plug-in, select [Photo Style] application, increase the intensity, and click [OK]. Restore the skin color, click [Add Mask], and use the black [Brush Tool] to rub the highlights of the character’s skin on the mask to restore the skin.