Art word design: Photoshop makes metal goddess festival art words

typefaceHelp to introduce the word effectcourseEach article and each step are very detailed. If you have enough patience, you can basically practice. In addition, you should not think that such a tutorial can only do such a single font case. After learning from the tutorial, you should fully chew and digest all kinds of knowledge points in it, and try to draw inferences from one instance and learn from each other as much as possible, so that your learning effect can be maximized, Your time and energy in the learning process can bring greater value!

design sketch

<a>photoshop</a>制作金属质感的女神节艺术字” border=”0″ src=”/d/file/2022/0412/1649731573814.jpg” style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=Analysis of ideas

The word “Goddess” makes me feel inviolable. In my imagination, she is a queen with a sense of justice who combines beauty and wisdom. She wears elegant clothes, holds a sacred cane, and carries her own light

Implementation software

AI、Photoshop CC

Step presentation

Step 01 font

one point one I still draw a draft on the manuscript paper, take photos and import it into AI (this draft is a little different from the final draft, I changed my mind temporarily when I drew lines with a pen, and removed some decorations).

one point two AI pen tool checks the font and fills in color separately, and makes some adjustments in some small places.

Step 02 Copy to PS

two point one Open PS, create a new file of 2000 * 1320px with a resolution of 300, and fill the background with # 5a6279. Select a stroke in AI, ctrl+c copy it, return to PS, ctrl+v paste it, and select the shape layer in the pop-up window – OK. Copy and paste the just checked strokes separately, place the positions (you can first copy the entire font to PS to reduce the opacity as the position reference), fill in the color again, and rename it. After observing, I decided to add a circle at the back to make it more integrated.

Step 03 Word effect production

When we start to do word effect, we usually start from the main body and start to do important words. Here we start to do the word “God”. We feel that if we have done the word “God”, we will be more confident to do well later (I think this step is very important).

three point one Find the horizontal skim layer in the God group. First, let’s give it a three-dimensional sense from the horizontal skim layer, and add the bevel relief stroke projection projection.

three point two The stereoscopic feeling is improved, so we need to add some color to it. Ctrl+shift+alt+n (omitted if there are repeated shortcut keys below) Create a new layer, and use the system’s own soft edge round brush tool to draw a few strokes at the following positions. The brush can be adjusted to a suitable size to draw (press the left bracket [and right bracket] on the keyboard).

The layer mode is overlay, and ctrl+alt+g (omitted when the shortcut key is repeated below) cuts the mask.