Animation pictures, PS makes wonderful magician GIF animation pictures tutorial

Use the timeline to make more framesanimationIt is very appropriate. Before production, you should first conceive the display process of animation, then draw the required graphics, and then set the animation according to your own ideas in the timeline.

Final effect

First, let’s understand some attribute columns in the timeline after the time axis and common layers are placed.

1. Draw the main body: when painting, you need to think about some parts first, but sometimes you can add them with better inspiration when you are half done. All need not be too rigorous (click here to download the material drawn by the author).

2. Add animation to the box, as shown in the following figure.

3. The animation process of the head copy is shown below.

The animation of the lid flying up is shown below.

4. Draw a rabbit and add animation.

5. The second part of box animation.

Create a mask for the magician layer as shown below.

6. Animate the magician.

7. Finally, the rabbit animation is shown below.

Final effect: