A variety of PS matting methods for perfect multi character hair

MaterialpictureIt doesn’t look complicated, but with a singleMattingIt is difficult to keep the hair details and colors intact. The author here used to adjust the edge to quickly pull out the main bodyFilterKeep hair details and reusepassagewayRestore the color, and the final effect is perfect.


Final effect

1. Open the picture, ctrl+j copy a layer to get Layer 1, click the red circle to create Layer 2, place it between Layer 1 and the background layer, and fill in the color you like as the check effect and new background layer.

2. Click layer 1, and use the “Quick Selection Tool” to roughly make a selection area. After the selection area is completed, the “Adjust Edges” option will be activated.

3. Ant lines appeared in the election area.

4. Click the Adjust Edge option to call up the Adjust Edge dialog box. The parameters are temporarily set according to the figure. Use the Adjust Radius tool to smear the edge of the figure.

5. When smearing, try to smear all the hair. If you find something missing, you can smear the missing part again until all the hair is visible. If you find that the original background color is still left between the hair strands, you can paint it where you have it. Click OK when you are satisfied.