A small fresh picture. Use PS to call up the effect of a small fresh portrait taken on a cloudy day

@People from the wind cabinet: Many students like the little fresh portrait. Many times we choose a sunny day to take pictures, especially in sunny afternoons. But what should we do if we suddenly encounter a cloudy day? In fact, the portraits taken on overcast days have a special flavor. The sunshine on overcast days is not as strong as that on sunny days, but the portraits taken on overcast days are also great. I believe that students can passcourseYou can also learn to make fresh and gentle portraitsworksLet’s learn the following together.

PSD file:

1. Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1C9ZqgWFg5K54QSyLN3ZR2Q Extraction code: s628

2. Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1BoJO56OHqtQz-qZ-M_pztQ Extraction code: 8dnv


Front and rear comparison chart:

We will learn from three aspects:

1. Preliminary preparation


  3、Map revisionTechnique: secondary composition

Preliminary preparation

1、 About equipment

Canon 5D4+501.8, natural light shooting.

2、 Shooting time

At 4:00 p.m., the light is not very good on cloudy days, so it is best to shoot the exterior at 2:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m.

3、 Clothing selection

Cherry blossom theme, Jk school uniform was chosen, although the flowers have been lost (covering his face). Try to choose fresh and clean makeup without too many accessories. Hair style individuals prefer hair editing or ponytail, which depends on the theme and model requirements.

Colouring thought

First, the photos are imported into LR and the original film is analyzed:

Obviously, the original film is underexposed, and the grayness makes people feel dark and opaque. The photos have no layers, and the characters are not prominent enough

The shooting uses the raw format, leaving a strong color mixing space for those who are just starting to take photos.

Based on the previous analysis of the original film, I want to make the photos show a soft and fresh tone. Next, I will show you my color mixing process one by one.

The first step of LR adjustment is to delete the chromatic aberration and correct the lens. When the photo turns white, adjust the distortion to restore a moderate dark angle.

The second step is to add exposure and adjust highlights, shadows, white color scale and black color scale to make the overall tone of the photo harmonious.

Properly reduce the brightness saturation to make the hue soft.

The following figure is obtained.