Try macro photography to capture details during shooting bottleneck period

If there is a bottleneck in photography or life, my suggestion is to tryMacro photography——Or just stick the lens close to capture the details.

Why talk about “macro” color change?

Cyclops. Shot in Marseille, 2017

first,Macro photographyBecause there are too many “rookies” (novices), they have a bad reputation. However, I believe that the secret for photographers to keep their creativity in their life is to keep the feeling of being a “rookie” (a novice photographer).

In 1928, the cloud vision created by Rene Magritte

For example, before I took street photography, I only had a Canon SD600 digital camera. I like to shoot close to any macro theme – flowers, debris on the ground or details that attract me.

However, when my photography experience is getting richer, it is not “serious” to shoot flowers or food. Later, I stopped shooting such subjects.

When I stopped taking these childish, beginner style photos – I found that the original naive curiosity also dissipated.

A lot of fun as a novice photographer

Home cheese grater. Shot in Marseilles. 2017

Now, I return to the “rookie” photography style and wholeheartedly enjoy the fun that photography brings to me. No matter what theme, I always choose to create freely. In fact, I like to shoot food very much – although I am sometimes laughed at by other “serious style” photographers.

Search for true beauty

Light bulb accompanied by blue and red. Shot in Marseille, 2017

Well, let’s return to macro photography itself: it’s already fun to shoot the details of things. This allows us to explore the true beauty in the slightest.

Cindy and the blue candle beside her face. Shot in Marseilles. 2017

I use Ricoh GR II macro mode with set-top pop-up flash to take macro photos. I like macro photography very much, because I can record anything interesting – garbage on the ground, textures on the wall, even my food.

Play with the Seven Secrets of Macro Photography

1、 Clean and tidy composition background and edge structure


When creating macro photography, pay attention to the edge structure of the composition, and ensure that the background is simple and clean. Only in this way can the observer focus on the subject.

2、 Use flash

Calliste cat eyes. Shoot in macro mode. Shot in Marseille, 2017

When creating macro photography, be sure to use the camera’s own flash. If you don’t have your own flash, use a small flash instead.

The fun of using flash: turn everything you shoot into something new – something special and surreal.

Creativity can be found through Araki’s flower macro photography (his works look like reproductive organs); There is also the book Common Sense published by Martin Parr, which gives food and other British things a new feeling.

3、 Don’t just pursue beautiful photos

Urinal and red filter screen

For me, I prefer to take interesting (not boring) photos rather than beautiful ones.

Macro shot of roast beef with potatoes. Prague, 2017

This means that when I create macro photography, the theme looks rough. The food I photographed looks a little rough. In addition, there are urinals I photographed. Well, yes, it looks a little rough, too.

Curry sausage. Prague, 2017

4、 Stay for a short time and really observe with heart

An abstract short man. Marseille, 2017

For me, the essence of macro photography is to stay for a short time, really observe with heart – and then examine closely. This means that when you look at the coat, stop and really observe with your heart.

Pink toilet paper. Marseille, 2017

We are used to daily objects such as clothes hangers, light bulbs and coffee cups, and it is difficult to find their inner beauty in shape and form.

The bathroom was photographed by Edward Weston.

Weston spent two weeks researching and shooting ordinary sanitary wares from different angles. In the version above, he did not use a tripod, but only changed his 8 × The 10 inch Seneca camera was placed on the floor and shot with the lens up, but it achieved amazing results and made the theme more memorable. He wrote: “The outline is fine, the boundary is clear, and the tendency is good.” This reminds Weston of the Victory of Samothrace.

So macro photography can help us slow down the rhythm, stay briefly, think hard, and really discover the truth behind the image.

5、 Find interesting shapes, forms, colors and textures

An abstract face. Amsterdam, 2017

Find interesting circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares. Whenever you create, you should try from different angles. For example, shoot from a higher angle or a lower angle. Tilt the camera left and right to take the view, and try to use diagonal composition.

Abstract colorful walls. Amsterdam, 2017

At the same time, we should also look for interesting colors – what color is the subject? What color is the background? Or have you found some interesting textures that can be recorded by camera?

6、 Taking a portrait in macro mode

Cindy covered her face with her hands. Red theme, shot in Kyoto, 2017

I used Ricoh GR II to create many street portraits, using 28mm lens, iso800, macro mode. This helped me get a very interesting perspective and create my favorite facial style. This kind of photo makes people feel closer, as if you are standing beside them and looking directly at their souls.

Think of it as an experiment and try to use macro mode to shoot a portrait. If you feel it is inappropriate, you can use macro mode to take a self timer.

A woman with thick glasses and a green hat. Shot on BART Light Rail in San Francisco, 2015

7、 Take pictures like children

Now, imagine: if I were only five years old, what would I stare at and be interested in every day – and what would I plan to take pictures of?

Show your child’s face again. Don’t feel embarrassed.


Orange and blue. Marseille, 2017

Macro photography is very interesting. If you don’t have a lens that can focus accurately, use your mobile phone and its own flash. Don’t be too serious. Take macro photography as a better way to observe daily things, and it is also a way to create more works.

An abstract man’s arm. Marseille, 2017

Surrounded by beautiful scenery, everything is unique as long as it is close enough.