The necessity for photographers to learn to use external flash

Shooting in low light or high light ratio environment is a real challenge for any photographer. In this case, due to insufficient light, slow down the shutter, resulting in blurring, more noise, or loss of dark surface details, which affects the picture. Therefore, investment and learning to use external connectionflash lampBecome a very necessary thing.

Although most cameras have their own pop-upflash lamp, but its effect is different from that of an external flash lamp, and there are many limitations in its use. If you have higher requirements for your work, after listening to the following seven reasons, I believe you must want to start an external flash.

More power

Compared with the built-in flash of the camera, the external flash has the biggest advantage of higher power. The flash lamp index (GN for short) is one of the indexes reflecting the flash lamp power. The larger the value of GN, the greater the flash lamp power. The GN value of a typical external flash lamp is generally 30 or more, while the GN value of the camera’s own flash lamp is usually only 12, so under the same ISO and aperture, the GN value of the external flash lamp is 3-4 times that of the camera’s own flash lamp. It can be seen that the larger the GN value is, the farther away from the subject can be when shooting, or the ISO can be adjusted to a lower value to obtain better shooting effect.

In addition, the external flash returns power faster, allowing you to capture unmissable moments. At the same time, the external flash has an independent power supply, so it does not consume the camera’s power.

More controllability

The built-in flash of the camera is like a “fool’s machine”. It is fully automatic and cannot be adjusted. There is only one flash parameter. The external flash has its own setting menu. You can manually set parameters according to the shooting needs, freely control the amount of flash light, so that each creation has more space, more in line with professional needs.

Rotatable, reflecting light

The lamp caps of most middle and high-end flash lamps can be rotated and tilted at a certain angle for players to use flash jumping (that is, the flash is not directly hit on the main body).

Direct flash can make the most of the light emitted by flash, but the light produced is harder, the shadows are more obvious, and it looks unnatural. The reflective flash will be much softer, and the photographer can use the white wall, ceiling and other objects around to reflect the light to get a more soft and natural light effect.

The effect of flash shooting ▼

Can disperse and decorate light

External flash can be used in many accessories, such as soft light cover, eye light plate, color chip, small soft light box, etc. When used with these accessories, a small flash can create more diverse and creative light, and really play the role of decoration and beautification. What else can I do with my own flash lamp except for a paper towel?

Off aircraft flash is used to make light more creative

After you have mastered the basic operation of the external flash, the next step is to learn how to make it more creative. For example, let the flash light leave the hot shoe of the camera, and use wireless flash to get more light effects from different angles.

There are many ways of wireless lightning. The most common way is to install the transmitter on the camera’s hot shoe and the receiver under the hot shoe seat of the flash lamp through an external wireless signal transmitter. In addition, some SLR cameras are equipped with built-in wireless flash ignition function, so it is not necessary to install a transmitter. As long as the external flash in hand is set as a slave unit, it is very convenient to use the camera’s own wireless communication protocol to achieve wireless flash ignition.

The use of off camera flash means that you can arrange the flash at any position, allowing you to create more in-depth and professional images.

Easy to carry

It is easier to use than the built-in flash of the camera, and can also play the role of large flash. It is about the same size as a lens and can be easily loaded into a backpack. Even when shooting outside, it can also be easily carried.

Affordable price

Compared with expensive cameras and lenses, flash lamps are much more affordable. The top configuration of the original factory is about 2000-3000 yuan, while that of the auxiliary factory is only 600-1000 yuan, and there is even a lower price configuration. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or feverish player, it is necessary to use flash. It can greatly improve the visual effect of your photos. And after using flash, due to the increase of ambient light, the camera can also use a lower sensitivity, which further improves the delicacy of the picture. It can be said that it is a very affordable photography accessory.