Super practical mobile phone travel photography introduction

I remember that I was a little poor in college, but I liked traveling very much. I didn’t say that traveling was for the sake of having a body and soul on the way. For me, traveling is to make the monotonous life a little different.

However, you often encounter this problem when you travel. I wonder if you have any sympathy: you saved money to save for a trip. When you asked your friends around if they would like to play together, no one seemed to respond. I thought it was only because I was ugly that no one responded. Later, I asked a girl friend to find out that I thought too much: not only was I ugly, but also because I could not take pictures. Until later… I learned to take pictures, and I didn’t have to worry about my little sister who didn’t travel with me anymore.

So, if you are like me a few years ago: you are despised or passed by others because you can’t provide strategies or take good photos during your travel, I hope this article can help you. Note: Unless otherwise noted, the photos of the article are taken by the moonbird himself

Different cities on the trip


What impressed me most was the sea in Xiamen


It’s good to see a large number of seagulls flying towards you


There are still many people in the West Lake on rainy days, but they seem very quiet


Only when taking pictures can I feel that there are few Beijingers


Every time I go to a city where it rains, the picture is very dark


A city with the most photo scenes, I don’t think it’s enough


Apart from the beautiful photos, the most important thing is the bowl of noodles

I took these photos with my mobile phone just now. The first point I want to express is that shooting equipment is not the main factor limiting your failure to take good photos during travel. The following is the key to travel.

Preparation before travel Before traveling, you don’t need to get on the beehive

1. How to search for photo scenes in the travel location

In addition to the mainstream travel app, there are many niche search methods that are easy to use. Instagram is the most commonly used search method before I travel. There are many cool photographers and photos here. Search the name of the city and you can find many beautiful local photos. The corresponding coordinates can sometimes be found in the blogger’s comment area, or you can communicate with the blogger through private messages.

(Picture from Instagram screenshot)

If you can’t ask, Baidu or Google Map can help you. What you need to do is to check the photo spots in the map. Secondly, many local official account in major tourism provinces will help you summarize various scenes suitable for taking photos; If you can’t find it, you can also search on WeChat for keywords such as: city name? Take pictures. There is definitely a place you want to take pictures in.

(Picture from WeChat screenshot)

2. Shooting equipment before travel

I have seen several photographers’ friends’ travel shooting equipment: two camera bodies, three lenses, a tripod, UAV plus batteries, stabilizers and various chargers…… To be honest, most of the photographers who took travel photos can be said to have carried their equipment by heart.

If you are like me, most of the time you take pictures with your mobile phone, the rechargeable bank can ensure that your mobile phone is always powered to take pictures. The headset can act as a shutter in a crowded scene. A small tripod can help you take a group photo with your friends from the same industry.

Secondly, umbrellas, sunglasses and hats (the top three travel clothes) are very practical equipment for travel. You can not only protect yourself from the sun and rain, but also act as a prop in the shooting, and feel the photos with an umbrella, sunglasses and a hat.




3. About the clothing matching in the travel

This is one of the keys to decide whether your travel photos look good or not. Please give up those lovely or fancy princess dresses.

You should believe that taking pictures is a process of subtracting. Try to choose clothes with solid color or simple color. Long skirts are the best. Other clothes that can highlight leg length or look thin, such as high waist pants and boots, are good choices. Personally, red or orange is the best, and black and white is the safest.

Secondly, let the color matching of clothes not exceed three colors as far as possible. You can learn about the local scenery in advance, so that you can better match clothes. For example, if the place to go is mainly sea, then the clothes with bright colors will be easier to produce, so that they can be prominent enough in the shooting scene.

Some suggestions for taking photos during the trip If possible, please give up the artificial scissors when taking pictures

1. You must choose the right time and scene to visit the tourist attractions

Since I was trapped in a scenic spot in Lijiang a few years ago, I have a vague sense of rejection of the so-called scenic spots in China. However, for many friends who travel in other places, they can’t help but go to the scenic spots. Otherwise, how can they tell others that you have been to this place.

The photos taken at different locations and different time periods in the same scenic spot are really different. When there are many people, you can consider taking local photos, and when there are few people, you can try more angles; Secondly, don’t schedule too tightly before going out, because you will often encounter many uncertain landscapes on the road. What you need to do is to go to the scene where no one is clustered.

(Left: shooting effect picture Right: scene picture)

Nanjing Confucius Temple is overcrowded, avoiding the messy scenes from a low angle

(Left: shooting effect picture Right: scene picture)

For ancient buildings under strong light, press the shutter when nobody is around

(Left: shooting effect picture Right: scene picture)

Shanghai Lujiazui changed the shooting direction, and the scenery was completely different

What you also need to know is that it is very suitable to take pictures at the lake in rainy days, and it is suitable to take pictures of urban buildings and portraits in foggy days, rather than the so-called sunny days.

2. These methods are for your reference with regard to photography posture

First of all, you need to know whether you want to take a portrait based on a large scene or a close range portrait; If it is the former, in fact, the pose of taking pictures is not important at all. Even if you show your teeth and mouth when taking pictures, you can probably see that the person is small enough. What we need to do at this time is not to deliberately set the camera and interact with the scene.

(Portrait of a large scene)

If you want to shoot the latter, but you will be at a loss when you look at the camera, just don’t watch it. Looking back, lifting your hair, pushing the door, walking or running wantonly, and taking advantage of the foreground are all good photo positions, and they don’t look pretentious at all.

Remember, if the face is not very beautiful, you’d better give up taking pictures of the big face, because few girls dare to control the face without any cover.

(A little sister with an ordinary face but a beautiful side face should do nothing to slap her face)

3. Photos posted on social platforms are skillful

The nine figures will have more visual impact than the single figure, but the nine figures can follow some tips. For example, make your photos uniform and beautiful.

If you can stand it, you can put together nine photos of the same theme and send them again. I’m sure I’ll be very impressed.

Finally, I want to say that life should not be just about the present, but also about poetry and distance when appropriate~