Simple 3 moves to take photos of delicious food with great appetite

What is a successful food photo? The photos you must take before dinner can only be regarded as a record of life, while the photos that really make you look drooling can be regarded as good food photos.

Mango Street, a photography skill sharing group, has always been committed to sharing photography experience and technology on social networks. Today they also brought us a short film to teach us how to take a good picture of food.

In fact, it is very simple to take good food photos. Just pay attention to three points: light, pictures and plate setting.

First move: light

Use natural light as much as possible. Natural light will make food look more natural and soft.

Try to use side light sources more, which can make the main body of food more prominent. As shown in the figure below, the left side is the side light, and the right side is the backlight. It is obvious that the main body of the backlight is not prominent enough compared with the plane.

Second move: texture, color and hierarchy

The so-called texture is the details of food, and the color matching is also extremely important in food photography. Attention should be paid to the matching of cold and warm colors, as well as the sense of hierarchy, which should not be too flat.

The photo on the right side of the figure below will look a little messy, and sometimes it will be better to be simple.

If the color of the food is relatively simple and tends to one color, try to add some other accessories to enrich the picture and attract the attention of the audience.

Third move: set the table

Leave more space and highlight “more” with “less”.

A lot of blank space will make the subject more prominent.

Or let the main body lean to the side of the picture to highlight the main body while satisfying the rich picture.

In fact, photography is very simple. We can cope with the changes with the same conditions. We can handle any kind of photography with ease.