Shooting Skills of Twins

When I filmed the twin boys, I used one of my favorite wooden pots. Facts have proved that it is very suitable for two children, because it can make them snuggle together comfortably, but it is not too crowded. I asked them to lean slightly to the middle, holding hands.

This photo still uses the wooden basin in front of me. The difference is that I laid a layer of ivory Greek thick velvet carpet on the wooden basin, and let both babies face up, and one baby is slightly above. In addition, I use a lace wrapping cloth to cover my abdomen, making the whole look more natural. This way I can focus on their hands without worrying about their feet.

The photo of nose to nose can show the child’s profile. If your child is sleeping soundly and wrapped well, consider this pose.

When joining the mother, let the mother lie down and face up, holding a child with one hand. When older brothers or sisters join, they can also consider such ideas.

The advantage of shooting with multiple children is that you can use the same wrapping cloth, and use a basin or wooden box to make two children closer. The most important thing in this kind of shooting is to shoot, not to pursue perfection.

Another modeling idea is to let a child lie down (lying or lying on his stomach), and then use a blanket or beanbag to raise the baby above a little. When the picture above was taken, it was almost the end of the shooting, and the children were a little noisy. I choose to shoot from the top, because this angle can best show their faces.