Shooting Skills of Pregnant Women’s Photos

Pregnancy is worth recording. It is not only an unforgettable time in life for expectant mothers, but also a precious image left for the baby who is about to die. In this article, I will introduce my ten techniques for taking pregnant photos.

1. Go to the customer’s home to take photos

Taking pictures in the customer’s home can make expectant mothers feel relaxed, which has great advantages over taking pictures in the studio. Because expectant mothers and their families are so familiar with this environment that they don’t need extra time to adapt, they can usually take satisfactory photos. In addition, you can also take meaningful scenes at home, such as the room that parents prepare for the upcoming child.

Photographer: Caitlin Sturdivant

2. Shoot outdoors

Let expectant mothers blend into nature, and you can also take moving pictures. Shooting outdoors allows us to use natural light more easily. Of course, outdoor shooting will be subject to the location, weather and season, but as long as possible, you might as well consider this option. The customer’s home or park is a good choice.

Photographer: Rockin Shutters

3. Make her comfortable

Like all the people taking pictures, the relaxation of the models is the premise of getting natural and wonderful photos when taking pregnant mothers. You should make sure that the prospective mother feels comfortable with the shooting location, scene layout, clothes, poses and props. If you find any problems, you should make timely adjustments.

Photographer: Brian Khoury

4. Let Dad come in too

Although the expectant mother is the goddess at this time, it is obvious that the expectant father should not be absent. Including the other half at this time is a very special way to commemorate their sweet and happy relationship. In addition, the addition of father adds more changes to the shooting. (You can click this article to learn more about the creativity of posing for pregnancy photos.)

Photographer: Brian Khoury

5. Brother and sister come together

If there are brothers and sisters, they should also be included. Most children will be excited about the coming younger brother and sister, so try your best to show this emotion and love in the photos.

Photographer: Brian Khoury

6. Use props

Props can add more interest to photos and bring more changes to pictures.

Photographer: Bayu Aditya

7. Break through fixed programs

After taking some basic conventional poses, it is advisable to jump out of the fixed mode and bring some unique photos for each family.

Photographer: dearestlou

8. Taken 30-35 weeks during pregnancy

Generally speaking, the best time is in the 30th – 35th week of pregnancy. You may want to wait more time to make your mother’s belly more “visible”, but be careful not to be too late, because your mother may feel unwell too late. In addition, many babies come out before 40 weeks, so 30 – 35 weeks is a safe time.

Photographer: Esther Gibbons

9. The stand is higher

When shooting from a higher angle, expectant mothers will look better. If necessary, you can stand on a high stool or ladder to get a better angle. Try to avoid shooting from the bottom to the top, unless you deliberately get a special effect, such as shooting the bulging abdomen from the foot to the top.

Photographer: Meagan

10. Capture emotions

The pregnant mother is very sensitive and emotional. As a photographer, you should be sensitive enough to seize the opportunity to capture the mothers’ emotions to commemorate their psychology and life in this special period.

Photographer: Philippe Put