Scenery and Still Life Photography Secrets

When going out, everyone has a common wish: capture the beautiful scenery, and then send a delicate circle of friends! Or you like to stay at home, it doesn’t matter, it can also be! Because today I have brought you the scenery and still lifeMobile photographyLittle secret script, are you ready!

First, the scenery:

① Sunset

Speaking of the concept of “gentleness”, the sun before sunset is probably the first image in my mind. Especially in the cloudy season, clouds are tinged with different colors, sometimes gilt edged, and sometimes painted with light pink and purple. It seems that the sunset is different every day, but it is equally beautiful. It is a good time to shoot.

In order to highlight the feeling of the glow, you can choose a cold filter for shooting, which can better show the light emitted through the clouds. During shooting, the color saturation of the picture can be improved by reducing the exposure compensation, so that the picture will show more bright colors and richer levels. When shooting a sunset scene in the backlight, because the light is relatively large, it is very suitable for taking pictures with silhouette effect. This way of expression can not only increase the beauty of the picture, but also create a quiet atmosphere at dusk. If the picture is grey, the exposure compensation can be appropriately reduced to make the silhouette appear pure black, and the color of the picture can be adjusted to make it more rich.

② Rainy day

In rainy days, you can choose to shoot when the lights are bright at night. The light shows a hazy aesthetic feeling through the water vapor and drops on the glass, and the crystal raindrops can dye the picture into a painting. This method is similar to the method of shooting details. Taking advantage of the phone’s macro focus, capturing the hazy urban scene through the water droplets on the glass window can make the picture more artistic. You can also use the car window to take pictures to find the places where raindrops have passed, and aim at the places where there are light sources outside the car window, such as street lamps and building lights.

The fun of shooting in rainy days is not felt in other weather. Because the ground in rainy days is wet by rain, if it is marble ground, there will be obvious reflection. It is also a good choice to turn the lens to the reflective ground. If the ground is not very smooth, small puddles can also be used. From another angle, turn the world around to show different rain scenes.

③ Line

In mobile phone photography, the works of shooting roads and architectural lines account for a large part. The sense of road extension makes the plane become three-dimensional, and the picture also becomes a sense of story and artistic conception. Not only roads and buildings, but also the lines of trees are the objects I often take pictures of.

I have always liked the trees in winter in the north. They are cool, but there is no lack of tension. The winter trees are astringent and affectionate. The compact composition makes trees occupy the whole picture, which is also very visual impact!

④ Windows

The scenery shot from the window looks like a picture, breaking the conventional picture and forming a picture in picture effect. This can make the picture more layered and interesting. It is not only the real window, but also the window in your hand – the viewfinder of your camera.

⑤ Take a panoramic view

Panorama has a certain role of “leaving blank”, which can give the picture a more profound artistic conception. It should be noted that the proportion of people is relatively small when shooting large scenes, the space environment should be “clean”, and the colors and elements should be unified as far as possible to highlight the main body.

Then comes the still life:

① Color

Most mobile phones do not have a large aperture, which can make the picture become a prominent subject through virtualization. The pictures taken by mobile phones are usually relatively flat. And color is the factor that can directly attract people’s eyes. You can capture a single color in a photo, or match small objects of the same color system together. Such a picture is concise, unified and very visual impact. We can also take nine photos with the same color system as the theme, and display them in the “Nine Palace Grid”, which is also interesting.

② Placement

In fact, for still life shooting, we can animate the picture by placing it at different angles. At the same time, by placing different squares, we can better show the characteristics of still life, and sometimes show the mood of the photographer. They can be neatly placed together, or they can deliberately create a feeling of “random placement”. It all depends on what you are shooting and what you want to convey.

You can also lift the object you want to shoot with one hand, so that the main experience is more prominent!

③ Light Light lurks in every corner of life. Being good at capturing the light in life and increasing the contrast between light and dark can make the picture more layered and warm.

④ Macro The mobile phone can use its macro focusing function to take pictures at a relatively short distance to show the texture of the subject. For example, the texture of the transparent wings of this dragonfly in the sun is clearly visible, while the flowers behind it are transformed into color blocks, which not only gives you a sense of hierarchy in the foreground and background, but also creates a dreamy atmosphere.

Ok~After reading these tips, take a small notebook and write it down, then start shooting!

Finally, I want to talk to you again. Mobile phones can help us shoot anytime and anywhere, but don’t lift the phone and press the shutter without thinking about it. Before that, it’s better to think about composition, light, color, etc., and blindly mechanically strafe. There will only be a lot of useless waste films in the handset. Remember to shoot at any time but not at random! Only by thinking positively, cherishing the shutter and taking pictures with ideas can we take better pictures with mobile phones.