Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

Let’s summarize some common pose modeling errors. It is important to remind everyone that what is mentioned in the subtitle is wrong, so don’t misunderstand.

Don’t force children to pose when taking pictures

When shooting children under five, don’t force them to pose according to your arrangements. It is better to focus on snapshot, and insert some photos of them looking at the lens at intervals. Get them involved and let them help you decide what the final picture will look like. For example, play a game of “shape” with them, let them choose one, you choose one, and they choose another. Usually, children choose to laugh, jump, run, stare at people… these are perfect enough.

Don’t take risks when taking pictures of newborn babies

When photographing a newborn, safety is always the most important consideration. Don’t try those difficult poses without absolute assurance. Add an assistant (or ask the child’s parents to help), or consider using post synthesis to ensure the absolute safety of the child.

Family photo: Don’t put your mother in the middle of the front row

Don’t let your mother stand in the middle of the front row unless she feels very good about herself. Because if my mother thinks she is not good looking in the picture, your shooting is a failure in her eyes (truth).

Family photo: everyone’s head is on the same line

Let some people sit, some people squat, some people stand, let their heads form a triangle, rather than all in a horizontal straight line.

Avoid wrinkles on women’s neck

No matter how old or small, fat or thin, as long as they turn around to look at you, ladies will have wrinkles on their necks.

There are several ways to solve this problem. 1) Ask them to lean forward slightly with their upper body and shoulders close to you. 2) Adjust your position and try to accommodate them so that they don’t have to turn around. 3) Cover the wrinkles with their hair.

Do notShoulder level

When taking pictures for women, no matter whether they are standing or sitting, try to avoid making their shoulders form a straight line with the camera level. Shoulders are the widest part of a person’s body, and it is easy to look fat when they are horizontal. Because women are more willing to appear slim, so let their shoulders be at an angle with the camera, and they will appear thinner. In addition, this can also form a guide line to attract attention to the model’s face.

Don’t have stiff joints

There is a famous saying in the pose of portrait photography: “If it bends, then bend it”. If the arms, knees and neck are all straight, people will be stiff. So, no matter whether they are standing or sitting, try to bend their joints. Turn your neck slightly, lean your upper body forward, relax your fingers, and bend your knees.

Standing posture

When taking full body and half body photos, many mothers are not very confident about their bodies. At this time, start with the basic and good-looking pose, and then slowly add changes in the angle of the hand, head and camera to get different photos.

What is the basic pose? We mean that the model should be at the same angle with the camera, with one foot closer to the camera and the center of gravity on the back hip. The advantage is that the knees, hips and shoulders form a beautiful angle. Then, let them lean forward slightly from the waist.

Most people will instinctively lean to the rear and need help to correct them.

Keep your hands on

It is ugly to leave your hands hanging empty, especially when wearing a short sleeved or sleeveless shirt. The posture of the hand should still follow the principle of “bending”, and find something to do for the hand. For example, take something (flowers, a piece of clothes or holding someone’s hand), insert it in your pocket, lean against the wall or hold it above your head.

Do notShooting women in low position

When taking pictures for women, the low position will make the double chin obvious and the face appear fatter, especially when taking close-up shots. Horizontal or high plane shooting can avoid this problem, and can also give the model a beautiful look when outdoors.

Don’t let men put on too feminine looks

When taking pictures of men, you should show their masculine side. When taking pictures for them, the plane position can be slightly lower, so that their heads are slightly raised to show their confidence, their legs are apart, and their shoulders are parallel to the camera to make their bodies appear stronger. Let them put their hands on their chest or in their pockets.