Photos are just part of the process of enjoying photography

In the early stage of photography, I was very concerned about whether photos were “artistic”. Every time I pick up the camera, I will be full of anxiety, thinking that I need to shoot the “masterpieces” of those remaining times. But I must tell you that reality always backfires. Therefore, one of the most important lessons I have learned over the years is not to worry too much about the final results. On the contrary, I learned to enjoy and trust the process of shooting.

For me, the process of photography usually starts with an idea or (more often) a “mental image”. For example, when I have a very specific scene content outline in my mind, I have the desire to create, but I usually think from several aspects. The first aspect is: what theme do I need, whether I need a specific shooting location, specific object, specific color composition or light type? Moreover, if my idea is more “directing”, do I need to look for or find some types of characters in my life?

The next aspect is more practical: what kind of equipment do I need? Does this photo need an unusual camera, lens and light? Do I need a team or is my “self-sufficiency” enough?

Next, I imagine and think about the final image as a piece, and further consider whether this image needs to adopt different methods for post-processing? Usually, this problem will be involved after the actual shooting, so don’t think too much before shooting.

In addition, other thoughts are more personal. Do I want an open composition or a blank composition for the image I want to shoot? Because different compositions imply different states. If I shoot a very specific image, do I need to portray many details In general, I need to keep my eyes and heart open to all possibilities.

In fact, the work of artists is not to criticize their own works, but simply “create works”. aboutPhotographerWhat you do is to pursue sensual yearning. I found that if I followed this series of creative processes, I would not have to worry about the obstacles that I often set myself. Finally, I believe that the work of artists is to pick up brushes or cameras to create.

Life is learning how to live comfortably. Life is about learning when to trust and when to be vigilant.

I will never shout “I need to be a great artist today!” On the contrary, I have learned to trust and follow my creative process. I have not only learned to focus on the results, but also learned to enjoy the scenery outside the window during the journey. I believe that if I follow this process, I will often create something valuable.