Photography skills: how to guide people to present the most natural shooting state

How to establish intimate relationship with the subject

However, when the other side is a stranger who knows nothing about you, how can you make the other side trust you?

First of all, the other person must be interested in your shooting style and willing to be the heroine in your lens. You can show her the previous shootingworks, or the style of her works to be shot, so as to further understand each other and reach an aesthetic consensus. If she likes your shooting style and wants to be the leading role in your photos, cooperation between them will be possibleBasics。 She understands that your intention is to take beautiful photos, so that she will not be defensive and cynical. In the Genius Photography of Araki Sutra, it was said, “It’s right to start building relationships with people close to you and keep shooting. As long as you keep shooting the things you feelPhotographyThe skills will be displayed “.

Take this “Indulgence” as an example. I have cooperated with the model many times before taking this picture, but it is the first time to take such a large-scale picture. At first, the model was worried. Later, she told her that many European and American models would take sexy pictures (even naked). This is just an artistic expression, which is created for the sake of beauty. This is different from pornography. Later, she shared photos with the same style to her, and she dismissed her concerns. The final photos also made her understand the purpose of taking such photos.

In addition, in the shooting process, respect each other and let them keep their own attitudes and ideas, rather than holding the attitude of “I am a photographer, so you must listen to me”. When shooting, praise the subjects from the bottom of your heart, and let them relax by appreciating them.

Photographers should never be aloof. They need to give the subject enough patience and guidance to make the other person feel comfortable. Even the great photographer Yuri Doggie sometimes takes his wife to the studio to stay for a while while shooting, in order to make the women photographed more relaxed. This method can be used for reference by Guangdanan photographers.

This photo was taken in a hotel in Dali. It should be noted that the model will be more relaxed and trust the photographer when she understands that what you are taking is an artistic photo and that it will not be violated during shooting.

Don’t “swing”, do it boldly

Whether the model’s posture is relaxed or artificial, tense or natural, can be conveyed to the viewer through photos. Expression is instantaneous. It is not easy to capture the natural and unaffected posture. How can a model show a natural state?

Guide the model to do something and let the model move. The most taboo for taking photos is not knowing what posture to pose, so I stood in front of the camera foolishly and waited for the photographer to tell me how to pose. Generally, the gestures taught are too heavy, which will make people feel unnatural, and then fall into a vicious circle of not being able to pose, not being able to take pictures and not looking good.

The simplest way is to tell the model, pretend you are doing something, and pretend you are really doing it.

I often tell the interviewees: “Don’t go to the show, don’t stop, just do a series of actions, and I will capture them.” Guide them to tie shoes, lift curtains, rotate, jump, run, look back, etc. Like this one, let the models take off their hats, and capture the moment they want.

The charm of self-confidence

Be sure to tell them the charm of self-confidence. A saying often told to models is, “If you feel that you are unnatural in front of the camera, then the effect will be really unnatural”.

For those who think they are not beautiful, photographers should encourage them to believe in their charm. Maybe she is not a beauty in the traditional sense, but she still has her own unique charm. The Araki Sutra once said, “The so-called good face has nothing to do with good looks. Therefore, there is no need to feel inferior about looks. No matter who you are, there will be a good face for a moment.”.

This photo was taken for a girl who came from Shenzhen to take pictures of me. At the beginning of the shooting, she was a little nervous. With the continuous shooting and guidance, she finally found her mood and took photos in the natural state.