Photography skills: explain how to use black and white images to take wedding photos

You and black and whitePhotographyIs there any misunderstanding between them? I think it is a documentary and heavy one, which is not suitable for the celebration of weddings… In fact, black and white is not only a documentary, but also subjective, imaginative, pure and emotional. It condenses the tedious and rich real world into black, white and gray. Memory is selective, and black and white make this choice more poetic.

|Simple beauty and emotion|

It is interesting to summarize and present a wedding in black and white, and it is also a challenging creation.

The charm of black and white photography lies in its simplicity, simplicity, conciseness, more symbolism and greater imagination.

Ignore the color factor, and completely rely on the transition of black, white and gray and delicate levels to express the characters and describe the scene. Concise and concise, reduce the impact of uncontrollable ambient light and color, and focus visual attention on people’s mood and state. With the large aperture and shallow depth of field picture processing technique, the beauty and emotion naturally revealed by the newlyweds in the wedding are refined and expressed into an eternal moment.

▲ For the location shooting on the wedding day, I will not disturb them during this period, but only capture their emotions nearby. Black and white pictures better showWedding dressThe texture of lace and the rhythm of the bride’s body are highlighted in the picture.

▲ The back, black suit and white veil captured at the wedding seem to contain rich and delicate emotions.

▲ When dressing up, take a group photo of mother and daughter in the foreground through the reflection of the mirror. The black and white expression makes the picture more classic and has a sense of time and space.

|High and low profile black and white expression|

High and low key is a common way of expression in black and white photography.

High key means that the picture is dominated by white and light gray tones, and the proportion of dark tones is small, but this part is the focus of performance and emphasis.

When the environment is transparent and bright, I am used to treating it as high-profile, giving people a bright and pure feeling. It is very advantageous to show the bride’s portrait, because most wedding dresses are white and soft, which can easily show the purity and beauty of women.

▲ The indoor environment is messy, and it is difficult to capture simple portraits, so other people in the room are used as the foreground, white shirts and white walls in the background to form a high-profile pictureBasicsThe bride in the gap is the focus of the picture.