Photography skills: detailed interpretation of story planning and shooting skills of Han costume portraits

1、 Planning of Han Costume Stories

1. Plot positioning

1) Positioning of stories and plots

The positioning of stories and scenarios can be divided intoPhotographyThe theme of the story, the plot, the historical background, the character characteristics, and the photography subject and performance method. The creation of each story or group should make the story and plot conform to the basic requirements of the historical dynastic background, politics, economy, culture, etiquette, and clothing. It should not be too ostentatious to make mistakes in the fight between Guan Gong and Qin Qiong. And plan, prepare, use and shoot the desired visual image effect according to the corresponding plot.

2) Topic positioning

Every story should have a corresponding subject, which is to express the characters, clothes, scenes, contents or artistic conception of poetry. This should be subject oriented. Therefore, every story should express the idea and meaning contained in the content, the depth of the subject’s thought and the coordination of the scene, the audience’s aesthetic expectation and appreciation interest, and the relationship between man and nature and society and man.

3) Style type positioning

The style of photography varies from person to person. Some people like white snow in spring, some people like people in Italy, some people like small and fresh, some people like alternative, some people like comedy, some people like tragedy, some people like situation films, some people like light and shadow pictures, and some people like film effects. They are different. Don’t force them to look at their own preferences to position themselves.

2. Introduction

1) Main characters, secondary characters and supporting role

Scene stories are usually shot by one person, so the main characters can be determined; In addition, the shooting of some situation films can also determine two or more people to determine the main and secondary characters, supporting role, and mass actors and models.

2) Character background

The historical dynasties, periods, societies, events, and costumes, ornaments, hairstyles, props, and locations of the characters expressed in the story were applied to the historical background at that time.

3) Character characteristics

The performance of the character’s identity, gender, appearance, action, language, etc.

4) Character

Extrovert: lively, cheerful, warm and amiable, with rich expression and vitality;

Introverted type: quiet and elegant, calm and cautious, careful and patient, and strictly keep order;

Mixed type: both warm and calm, lively and quiet, all with the above characteristics;

Rational type: thoughtful, calm and self-control;

Suspicious type: indecisive, hypersensitive and suspicious, easy to be implied;

Emotional type: changeable, sentimental and impulsive.


We can start from the brief history of the story, narrative perspective, interaction between characters, main plot, narrative style and story outline.

2、 Shooting plan, copy and split shot

1. Plan the plot outline of Princess Taiping

When I heard the tune of “Long look Shou” again, it seemed that I fell into the sad story about power and love in “Daming Palace Ci”. It conveys to people the beauty of Chinese classical love, which is implicit and profound. At the age of 14, Princess Taiping inadvertently raised a mask on the Lantern Festival of Shangyuan. Since then, the mask and the handsome face have become her haunting psychedelic dream. It seems that she has learned about love overnight. Xue Shao is a man in a mask. He uses a mask to protect his love and anti martial righteousness, and also to avoid the princess’s efforts. Therefore, when he could no longer resist the great power of love, he cowardly chose to die, precisely because of his reverence for love, which should also prove the meaning of “keeping your appearance”.

In the way of flashbacks of princess memories, first of all, from Princess Taiping’s feeling of missing Xue Shao after returning to the palace, her love story was extended.