Photography skills: detailed explanation of the secondary composition and detailed close-up in private photography

Creativity of secondary composition

But sometimes, due to the limitation of time or space, we can’t make a good composition. At this time, the later secondary composition may help us capture unexpected pictures. It’s like editing the desired pictures together,PhotographyWhen necessary, a teacher can also be a good “editor”.

This “Flower House Girl” I want to take a picture of two girls sitting in the flower house trimming flowers. After taking the picture, I found it more suitable to zoom in and highlight the look of the two girls, so I made a second composition.

When cutting some pictures with obvious lines (such as windows, buildings, etc.), you need to see if you want to use cutting tools to make the pictures more harmonious.

The photo above was chosen for the second composition. First, the background was a little messy. Second, the girl’s facial features were very distinctive, with thick eyebrows, big eyes, thick lips and a very retro look. So I cut the picture and only kept the close-up of her facial features to highlight the point.

Sometimes in the post-processing process, because the picture is not prominent enough, you want to use cutting tools to re compose the picture. The purpose is to highlight the theme of the photo and make it more attractive to the audience at the first time. At this time, we should observe the photos to see which part is the most attractive, which can best achieve the aesthetic feeling of the picture, or highlight the feelings between people.

The above Venus is the original picture on the left. If it is not composed twice, it can only be a piece of scrap. Because the girl’s eyes in the picture are half closed, her body posture is also slightly stiff. However, if you only cut the lips to the body, the whole picture will have the focus of expression – the girl’s lips, collarbone, arms and clothing close-up, which gives the picture a sense of mystery.

Beauty of Details

The above photo, “Waiting”, was shot in the hope of presenting the same feeling as the pictures in European and American movies in the 1980s and 1990s, so we chose vintage corsets, beds, pillows and roses in the background for the models. This picture has the artistic conception of “the girl’s feelings are always poems”, and only the part from the figure’s chest to the leg is shot, which makes the picture more mysterious.