Photography skills: detailed analysis of the introduction and usage of nine artificial lights

Under the condition that the natural light is not ideal, orPhotographyThe use of artificial light is essential when teachers themselves like to shoot with lights. Compared with natural light shooting, artificial light shooting has many advantages. The direction, intensity and color of light and other related elements are more freely controlled.

But in the antique photography, I generally like to use some natural light, and whether it is flash or LED matrix light, it is too “artificial” for me, and the pictures taken are not natural enough.

Next, in addition to introducing some fill lights, I will also share some fill light props and fill light tips that I have hidden in my daily life for antique photography.

1. Flash shooting

Flash is one of the photography lights that every photographer is familiar with. When shooting under the condition of insufficient light, the flash can play a very good role in filling the light, and in specific use, it can not only fill the light, but also create different picture colors and adjust the mood and atmosphere of the picture with the use of different color chips.

Take the following picture as an example. The flash used in this shot mainly simulates the feeling of sunlight. Because this room has no window directly facing the outside, we put the flash lamp in the next room when shooting, with the lamp opening facing the ceiling of the next room. At this time, the ceiling has the function of soft light. When the light is reflected into the room through the ceiling of the next room, and finally projected onto the model, it will simulate the feeling of sunlight, and the picture will be relatively natural.

flash lamp

Aperture f/1.4, shutter 1/125s, ISO50, focal length 35mm

2. LED matrix light shooting

LED matrix lamp is a very useful light filling tool that has emerged in recent years, and is particularly widely used in wedding photography. The use of LED matrix lamp is similar to that of flash lamp in general, but the more humanized aspect of LED matrix lamp is that its light can be easily captured in the screen, which can achieve the effect of “what you see is what you get”. There is no need to take a trial shot or record any data. You can achieve the desired effect only by adjusting the intensity and changing the color chip according to the light you need.

However, there are always advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of LED matrix lamp is that the light is hard. Therefore, in specific shooting, you usually need to use a diffuser to shoot a softer picture.

LED matrix lamp

Aperture f/1.4, shutter 1/125s, ISO640, focal length 35mm

3. Ice lamp shooting

Ice lanterns are also called LED light rods. It is similar to a lightsaber. There are two kinds of light sources with warm light and cold light. The time line is soft when using it. It is also one of my favorite night scene shooting light supplement tools. It can be used in places where there is environmental light source and where there is no environmental light source. It is easy to create the atmosphere we want because of its good use. The disadvantage is that the light intensity is not enough. Therefore, it needs to use LED bulbs and other lamps to shoot.

ice lantern

Aperture f/1.4, shutter 1/50 seconds, ISO1000, focal length 35mm

Aperture f/1.4, shutter 1/80s, ISO1250, focal length 35mm