Photography skills: 5 photography tips to shoot abstract works of art

This chapterPhotographycourseLet’s share 5 tips for taking abstract art photos. I hope it can help photography lovers.

Students who like photography can also take pictures of landscapes, portraits and other subjects. In fact, we can also use the lens to take abstract photos with artistic sense, as long as we use our brains, which can not only add some interesting pictures to your photo collectionworksIt can also be printed out to become a home decoration! Now let’s share 5 tips for taking abstract art photos.

Photo by Tom Wachtel

(1) Move your camera

When you first learn photography, “taking a clear picture” is a very important skill. But sometimes you can deliberately slow down the shutter and move the camera purposefully, so that you can take more artistic pictures! But pay attention to:

If the shutter is too slow, it will lead to overexposure. If you need to adjust the aperture and reduce the ISO, you’d better press the “track” to move (such as vertical or rotary). Otherwise, photos may become too cluttered in the same scene. You can try a faster or slower shutter to take different effects!

(2) Capture moving objects

Similar to the first point, it is also through “moving” to take artistic photos. This time, instead of moving your own camera, it is to take “moving objects”, such as walking cars, playing dogs, etc. The camera shutter can be adjusted according to the speed of moving objects. If the moving objects are fast, the camera shutter should not be too slow, Otherwise, the whole picture will be blurred (unless you do it intentionally). If the camera (you) moves in the direction of the object when the shutter is pressed, the background will become blurred and the subject will be clear. This is the “Panning” technique!

Photo by Hernán Piñera

(3) Take a clean picture

It is also a good way to take pictures with artistic feeling, remove the unnecessary things in the pictures, and take very clean pictures! One of the most useful techniques isUse the telephoto lens to shoot a small part of the large environmentFor example, a small spray in the whole beach or a small range of other common objects can achieve the same effect. If the picture isSimple, single tone, or interesting textureBetter still!

Photo by Donna McNiel

Photo by Jonas Tana

(4) Shoot through other objects

“Shooting through other objects” is also a common technique, which can bePlastic bottle, glass, even among leaves, grass, liquid, etcit’s fine too! Let your creativity come into play!

Photo by Evelyn Berg

(5) Make good use of multiple exposures

Now many digital cameras also haveMultiple exposure As long as you turn on the relevant options, you can take two or more pictures in succession, so that different pictures can be exposed on the same photo at the same time. This combination will also become more abstract and artistic! However, it should be noted that the black/dark areas should be kept to expose the next photo!

Photo by Pal Sol

Photo by Dora Hon


“Photography” is also an art after all. It is difficult for beginners to take abstract photos at the beginning, but the most important thing is to keep trying. The camera is just a tool to record the idea before pressing the shutter. In this way, the chances of taking successful photos will be greatly increased! Practicing this subject matter more is also good for the training of “camera eye”.