Photography skills: 5 common outdoor lighting skills

Compared with when shootingDesignGood indoor light, outdoor light is more complex and changeable, and shooting parameters often need to change according to light changes. If you can use the changeable outdoor light well, the effect will be more abundant than that of interior shooting.

Next, I will introduce five common outdoor lighting techniques.

01Shooting on a sunny day

For shooting in sunny days, we will analyze it in two cases: straight light shooting and backlight shooting.

(1) Along light shooting

Generally speaking, the smooth light in sunny days is suitable for shooting bright and fresh portraits. Along the light shooting is a shooting method widely used in portrait shooting, mainly referring to,PhotographyThe teacher and the light source are on the same side, and the light is projected from the front or side of the model, as shown in the diagram on the right.

The characteristics of along light shooting are clear and bright pictures, transparent and bright colors. If it is taken in a sunny day and the sun is very strong, it is necessary to make the model stand in the shade as much as possible to avoid the phenomenon that the light is too hard, which may cause the face of the person to be overexposed or the shadow is too heavy. When shooting in a cool location, some direct sunlight can be allowed to shine in the picture, which can enrich the light sense of the picture and play a certain role in highlighting the characters in the picture, as shown in the left figure below.

When shooting along the light, if you want to capture a clear blue sky, you must ensure that the brightness of the background and the brightness of the characters in the same shutter aperture combination are similar. In this way, the blue sky will also show a transparent effect when the characters are fully lit, as shown in the middle figure below.

At the same time, when the model is directly exposed to the sun for shooting, it is easy for the model to have too much shadow on the face or be unable to open its eyes because of too strong light. At this time, it may be advisable to take a back to back shooting. The characters back to the camera and then look at the blue sky, which can also create a quiet and interesting atmosphere, as shown in the right figure above.

(2) Backlight shooting

Backlight shooting is a common shooting method in sunny days, which is suitable for shooting golden and warm portraits. Contrary to the light direction of the downlight shooting, the light source of the downlight shooting is on the same side as the subject, that is, the light illuminates the person from behind the subject, as shown in the schematic diagram on the right.

Although the image quality of backlight photography is not as clear as that of direct lighting photography, it also has its irreplaceable charm, mainly in the following three aspects.

① In the backlight shooting, the characters seem to be inlaid with a layer of gold edge, and the outline will be very good. With the hair of the characters blowing in the wind, the picture can show a very charming and beautiful feeling, as shown in the following figure.

② Backlight shooting is not as clear and transparent as the light when shooting along the light. The portrait shot by using the backlight is usually vague, which can make the picture show an implicit atmosphere of the film screen, as shown in the following figure.

③ When shooting against the light, long shadows are easy to appear in the picture due to the low sunlight angle. At this time, I can intentionally put this long shadow into the picture, so that the light and shadow layers of the picture are better and the visual experience is more unique, as shown in the following figure.