Photography skill: how to use one light to take pictures of fashionable blockbusters

Hello, everyone. Let’s meet again. Today’s theme is to show how to take a group of photos in a simple scene.

Thanks to little assistant Peipei for taking it for mevideoBecause of her recording, you can still see the scene. I will put the screenshot oncourseIt is convenient for everyone to understand.

When talking about the shooting theme with model Yuli this time, he told me that he liked Chen Kun’s photos. After looking at them, I found that they did not require high space, mainly for light.

So this time i took the led light. The leather clothes worn by feather clerics also have a sense of texture under the reflection of light. This time, I took two kinds of photos, one is natural light, the other is led light. In order to be more harmonious, the photos taken by led light were processed into black and white by me.

Now let’s share with you the photos and maps of the scene, so that you can see the scene of “blockbusters”.

It was sunny that day, and our arrival time was more than four o’clock in the afternoon. At that time, the light was very strong, so we didn’t shoot in the outdoor parking lot. Instead, we chose the indoor parking lot for lighting shooting.

After looking at the scene map, do you think it is just a very, very common piece of light in life. How should we shoot when we encounter such light?

First, change the metering mode to “spot metering” in the camera settings. The light and dark contrast of the photos taken in this way will be very strong, and the visual impact effect will be better.

At first, do you think you must find a particularly good scene to take a group of photos. It turned out that when I saw someone else’s shooting scene, I felt just like that. Anyone who can shoot can shoot anywhere.

Of course, the effect is a bar~