Novice to learn these 10 composition styles

We often mention that photography should pay attention to the “photographic eye”, which means that you need some observation and beauty when shooting, and you can find the outstanding places, places worthy of shooting, and the most attractive places from the scene! The most direct way to use the “camera eye” is to start from the composition, use different elements of the shooting environment, and cooperate with the composition skills, so that the eye attracting rate of the photo can be greatly improved! Come to share with you 10 composition combination styles to enhance your photography eyes, and the novice will be able to release films!

1. Cut the sun

Just like the principle that sunrise and sunset photos can attract the audience, the sun appearing on the horizontal line or diagonal line can be cut to make the audience more focused. Try to use any element of the environment to cut it at the edge of the sun to make the picture look more attractive.

2. Silhouette

The use of a beautiful background, a person or object set off, and then shot in silhouette can make the picture more concise, the main shape prominent, and look more eye-catching.

3. Adjust Sky Scale

When the picture is integrated into the sky, think about whether most of the pictures are the sky, or small parts. This can be understood by the three part composition method. Whether the sky is divided by 2/3 or 1/3, it is easier to guide the audience to pay attention to it. Don’t just divide the sky by 50/50!

4. Subject independence

When taking photos of multiple objects, pay more attention to the independence of objects. Do different sizes, shapes, and colors match each other, or does an object dominate? The feeling of multi balanced pictures should not make the audience feel unexpected.

5. Fill the frame

Frame refers to the frame of the whole picture. The whole frame is filled with the main body until it reaches the edge of the picture, which makes the whole impression richer.

6. Don’t just center

Another third of the time for composition (don’t say boring, there is not one of the best compositions to use)! In addition to dividing the picture up and down, it is also necessary to use the lines on both sides of the three-way composition to place the subject on the left/right, not just the center.

7. Light shadow contrast

Look for strong light, or use artificial light to make large contrast shadows, so that the picture has a strong contrast between light and dark.

8. Enter the screen

Just as in street shooting, passers-by are often photographed to make the picture more attractive and dynamic. Try to let the subject move, or enter the picture and integrate, rather than deliberately avoiding.

9. Scenery plus people

When taking a large-scale landscape photo, you can consider putting people in the picture, so that the landscape and people can reflect each other. It is a sharp contrast between small people and big scenes, and the picture will be more eye-catching and not monotonous.

10. Look for shadows

Photography is a performance art of catching light and shadows. Most of the time, we are looking for light sources to highlight the picture with light, but remember not to ignore shadows. Shadows and light sources are also important factors for the success of the picture.