How to take good photos of the city streets during the trip?

How should I shoot when I walk on the street outside the city? A novice can really take pictures at a loss. In fact, as long as you learn some basic skills, you can easily take beautiful pictures with your mobile phone! Here are 6 good suggestions for taking pictures on the street. They must be helpful to you. Let’s have a look!

(1) Sunrise and sunset

The best time to shoot scenery or streets is at sunrise or sunset, or at Magic Hour half an hour before or after. At this time, the light is very charming, and beautiful street scenes can take wonderful photos with the sky! However, as the light may get darker and darker, pay attention to keep it stable during shooting, or use a tripod to stabilize the phone.

(2) Early rising street

When you travel in other places, you can get up early and see another aspect of the local area! You can see the situation where local people go to work, buy vegetables, or farmers get up to work. The sense of grounded life can also shorten the distance with strange cities. In addition, there is less traffic on the street in the morning, so the “quiet” side of the street can be photographed.

(3) Find interesting light

You can capture the light that cannot be seen by the naked eye, especially by reducing the exposure, or by changing the focus and exposure mode, try to capture the light of street scenes and the sky, and there may be new discoveries!

In real time, you can also pay more attention to interesting lights during the day or at noon, such as shooting the sun stars between leaves or roofs.

(4) Reflection, silhouette and shadow

Take interesting pictures on the street. Don’t miss taking reflections, silhouettes and shadows! You must open your camera eyes and look for subjects to be photographed everywhere. Remember, where there is light, there is shadow. Don’t just look at the surface!

You can skillfully use reflective surfaces and reflections to create a unique composition, or use light and shadow to play more light and shadow games, which can add a lot of points to your photos!

(5) Shoot the same place repeatedly

If the schedule permits, try visiting the same interesting street or landmark at different times. The color, intensity and direction of the light at different times will be different. You may find another world!

(6) Shoot from different angles

To break through the frame of photography, you can try shooting C from different angles, whether up or down, or facing the sun, or shooting against the light. You can always find several good compositions or themes. Don’t always maintain the same angle, otherwise it is easy to make the photos become ordinary.

When you travel to another world, everything is new. How can you take beautiful photos after excitement? We should also think calmly, practice more and cultivate more camera eyes, which will definitely improve your photography skills!