How to take better photos of pregnant women

Is it true that some people think that the photos of pregnant moms are very simple and hardly need to think. The routine is fixed. First, mother holds the bulging abdomen with her hands, and then some elder brothers and sisters touch her abdomen with their hands, as well as father. Everything is shot around my mother’s abdomen, because this is the only theme, isn’t it?

As a record of pregnancy, pregnancy photos should be taken as the core plan. However, we can break through some conventional routines and take more varied and creative photos. If you ask yourself that the final work is not just some photos that look very similar, do you begin to feel that this is not so easy?

Based on my pregnancy photos, I summarized some experiences:

Provide hairstyle or styling services, or encourage mothers to do their own hairstyle and makeup

Of the 100 pregnant mothers, only about one will feel her plain face beautiful. Since our shooting is centered on mothers, let them believe that they are the most beautiful, and their confidence and comfort will be directly reflected in the photos.

Choose between 32-34 weeks

The reason for choosing this time is, on the one hand, because the abdomen is the most visible and the shape is usually the best, but on the other hand, it will not make mothers feel particularly difficult to move. Of course, this is just a rough idea. I once had a client who kept postponing because she was still small at this time.

More creative changes

Once I took a photo for a mother to be, and after about 20 minutes, her husband arrived. When this gentleman saw us, his first sentence was “You won’t let me touch my wife’s belly with my eyes closed all the time, will you?” We couldn’t help laughing, and later the whole shooting process made fun of this sentence. Although it was a joke, it said a very interesting question. The pregnancy photos are not just about touching the belly, but about facing the interesting journey in the future. They set sail happily. Therefore, I took pictures of them holding hands, laughing happily, and enjoying the company and expectation.

In fact, many of my clients don’t like the traditional photos of making hearts with their hands on their abdomen. They appreciate more creative and unique photos. This is applicable to both mother’s solo photos and parent-child photos. For example, it is much more natural for mother and elder brothers and sisters to hide and seek than for elder brothers and sisters to listen to mother’s belly, which can highlight the affection between mother and children. Let moms and people taking photos take some clothes instead, which can also bring changes to photos.

Respect women’s choice

Not all mothers want to expose their bellies. Wearing half naked makes people take photos, which seems nothing to the photographer, but the person being photographed may feel very embarrassed. Therefore, ask for their opinions in advance, and do not rashly put forward such a request during the shooting.

Pay attention to angle

We want mothers to show their most beautiful side, so the key is to find the right pose and angle. Take pictures that you are satisfied with, and lose no time to show them to mothers, so that they can have more confidence in themselves. I once took a picture of a mother to be. At first, she was very nervous and stiff. But I kept praising her and let her see that she was very beautiful in the picture. She was obviously encouraged and became more relaxed and confident. At this stage, the mother’s mood fluctuates greatly, which requires constant encouragement from the photographer. When they are sitting, shoot from the top, let their arms close to their sides, and let their husbands close to them. These methods can make them look more slim.

About liquefaction

Generally speaking, I rarely use liquefaction in the later stage, but it is an exception when taking photos during pregnancy. Especially when taking photos of their bare abdomen, I will trim their waist with liquid to make them look thinner. Such kind “cheating” can make mothers more happy and enhance their confidence.

Remember, mothers at this stage have a lot of emotional changes, and they are very sensitive to their appearance. If we can successfully mobilize their emotions and make them happy, the final photos will make mothers like them. If they are impressed at this stage, they will come back to take pictures of their children after their birth, so cherish them.