How to start your photography journey

Photography is an art, which is certainly true. However, any art is based on technology. Don’t think that the seemingly random creation of artists is really random. The random premise is also based on the mastery. Without the accumulation of technology, it is difficult to achieve perfect art.

Therefore, accumulation is very important.

How to learn photography? Maybe everyone has their own way, which mainly depends on your personal learning style and how to accept new information. Of course, for technology, constant practice is necessary, as I said in Remember to take photos every day.

Photo by Esmee Holdijk on Unsplash

Of course, you can’t take pictures without a camera. Photography is always an art created by means of tools, but tools are always just tools, which can’t be ignored or raised too high. What we need is never the most expensive camera, but the one that suits us best.

How to find the right camera? Don’t listen to what others say, and don’t easily go to others for recommendations. Most people have an inevitable subjective psychology, and they will recommend cameras that they think are good or suitable for them, but may not be what you really want. You need to do your own homework, and understand the various types of cameras and the topics suitable for shooting in different focal sections.

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For example, if you want to shoot on the street, you may only need a Compact Camera; If you want to take a portrait, you should consider a large aperture lens with medium and long focal length, and further, you may also need to consider the expansion of light; If you want to shoot wild photography or sports photography, you must have a machine body with excellent continuous shooting performance and a telephoto lens with good quality.

There will not be any camera suitable for all themes. The more themes that can be suitable for, the more general the quality may be. The SLR (or high-end DRR free) is professional not because of its bluff appearance, but because of the expansibility of the lens. The lenses with different focal lengths are used to deal with different themes.

So the most important thing is to choose the camera that suits you according to the theme you are used to.

Photo by Sirotorn Sumpunkulpak on Unsplash

To take good pictures, we need to take more pictures. This sentence can never be wrong. We should make taking pictures our habit and take pictures when we see the pictures we like. Fortunately, now there are many devices that can take pictures, and mobile phones can also take good pictures.

The more photos you take, the more sensitive you will be to the pictures, and the easier it will be to distinguish which pictures are better and which pictures are not easy to take.

Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

For beginners, pictures in life are always the best way to learn photography. It may be difficult to shoot portraits and sports on the street at first. We don’t know how to compose a picture, and we don’t know what focal segment is suitable for the current picture, let alone seize the muscle reaction of the moment at the fastest speed.

However, the still life in the life scene is not so complicated, or some small objects, or some simple scenes in life, or even the streets that we often pass can be part of our daily practice.

Compared with those moving pictures, static pictures allow us plenty of time to combine and reconstruct images according to our own preferences, and we can also use different focal sections to feel the differences.

Although we should not always shoot these still lifes, it can obviously help us to better start and understand the images at the initial stage. The more we shoot and the more thoroughly we understand the images, we should try more different types and themes to help us adapt to different situations.

Photo by Mia Domenico on Unsplash

Also, don’t always stay in your own comfortable corner. When you become lazy, you will lose the freshness of everything around you and the enthusiasm for photography.

When you go out for a walk during the holiday, you don’t have to go too far. When you go to a corner in the city that you have never been to, remember to take your camera with you, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t expect yourself to take any earth shaking good photos. Just take the attitude of walking casually, observe and discover the world that you have never noticed, and take photos of the moments that you want to record. You will certainly have a good harvest.