How to shoot works praised by the transferor with mobile phone

If you want to use your mobile phone to create works that people admire, the basic photography knowledge above the Optical Club is not enough. You also need to have a pair of eyes that can find beauty, whether in the ordinary daily life or when you travel, you can find beautiful pictures.

Pay attention to the details of the scene

In the world we live in, there are countless beautiful scenery. Some beautiful sceneries will be presented directly before our eyes without any deliberate search, such as the magnificent sea, the magnificent Great Wall, and the mountains and plains. The beauty they possess can be appreciated without hard thinking or association. This beauty can be found by everyone. Although it is a good shooting theme, it cannot meet all the shooting needs. We should not only be good at shooting the “beauty” in the eyes of the public, but also learn to find different “beauty” in ordinary things. Some seemingly ordinary scenes, perhaps in some subtle places, are also very good shooting subjects.

When shooting, we should pay attention to some details in the scene. We can present them in the picture through different shooting angles and some special composition methods to make it a good photographic work. For example, the exquisite vases on the windowsills, the exquisite carvings on some tiles of ancient buildings, or some road signs on the streets can all be used as shooting materials.

The lock used to lock the car on the ground is insignificant, but it can also be the subject of photography. It produces a light shadow effect under the direct light, and the picture looks very stereoscopic

Shoot the glass vase on the windowsill, and only shoot its local details. Under the sunlight, the picture is very atmosphere. The colorful stones in the glass vase increase the attraction of the picture

The iron fence beside the street for bicycles can also be the subject of photography. Find a special angle to show the curve elements of the iron fence

There are many people who like to shoot lotus flowers. In fact, lotus leaves can also be used as the subject. As the lotus leaf is higher than the water surface, it gets light, and the water surface is in the shadow area. The light dark contrast effect shows the lotus leaf’s lines beautifully

Approaching shooting

When using mobile phones for photography creation, if you really can’t find a good composition method, you should approach the subject for shooting, because in many cases, you can only find the beauty of the scene after approaching. If we miss the beautiful scenery because we are too lazy to move forward, we will not be left with proud works, but regret and helplessness.

In fact, our predecessors in photography have long concluded that the famous photographer Robert Capa in the 20th century said, “If your photos are not good enough, it is because you are not close enough.” There are many advantages in approaching photography, which will be introduced below.

① Close to the shooting, the details of the subject can be more prominently displayed.

② Approaching shooting is to magnify and present beautiful things in photos, making the pictures more attractive.

③ Approaching shooting, you can cut the surrounding clutter out of the screen to get a simple picture effect.

④ Approach shooting to avoid the embarrassment that the mobile phone lens cannot zoom.

Life is full of subjects that can be photographed. Shooting street flowers from a conventional angle will not be attractive

Approach the main body for shooting, use the lens to approach the flower body, and install a small depth of field lens for the mobile phone. The color, shape and other details of flowers are well presented

Close to the food shooting, the background is blurred, and the shape, texture and other details of the food are well presented, which looks more attractive

Ordinary shooting angle can not show food well

Approaching the subject for shooting, the messy elements are cut out of the picture, and the subject is highlighted

Shoot the leaves hanging on the wall, which cannot be displayed well by conventional photography

Can subtract the picture

Why do you take the same scenes as commemorative photos while others can take them as photographic works? The reason may be that there are too many useless elements in your pictures, which disturb the performance of the subject. I believe many people have heard the saying that “painting is the art of addition, photography is the art of subtraction”. In fact, if only the main body and the accompanying body are left in the picture, and these lights are added to render the atmosphere, it is believed that it will be a good photographic work to avoid messy elements from entering the picture. When subtracting for the screen, the following methods can be used.

① Shoot the mobile phone close to the subject, and use the large aperture of the mobile phone to blur the background to achieve the purpose of subtraction.

② Wait for the shooting time. When people or things irrelevant to the picture leave the picture, take the time to shoot again.

③ Cut the finished photos to complete the second composition, so as to achieve the purpose of subtraction. This method is very practical and can also be used in combination with points ① and ②.

In the original picture, although there are not many kinds of elements in the picture, the flower shape of the main flower is not very good, and it looks a little messy

By observing the picture, cutting out some messy scenes and subtracting the picture, the resulting picture looks more beautiful than the original picture

In the original picture, a horizontal frame is used for shooting. There is a mother and child in the middle of the picture, and there are other tourists in the distance, but we can’t see who the subject is

By cutting the screen in the later stage, the characters in the distant position are cut off, leaving only a mother and child, and appropriate filters are added to the screen to make the screen theme more distinct and more picturesque

Shoot from an unconventional angle

Mobile phones are very convenient for taking pictures when we go out to play. When we encounter some beautiful scenery, we will take out our mobile phones to take pictures. However, photography creation does not take pictures only when we encounter some outstanding scenery. Beauty is ubiquitous in our daily life, but we need to use some shooting skills when shooting. If you want to make the plain pictures more attractive, you can choose some unconventional angles to interpret the pictures. These unconventional angles will bring fresh feelings to the pictures, thus increasing the attractiveness of the pictures. In addition, you can also look for some unconventional angles to shoot those beautiful scenes that are very prominent. When people are used to seeing the beautiful scenery shot from common angles, they are somewhat tired of vision. However, shooting from unconventional angles will arouse people’s interest again.

The wooden fence beside the lake is shot from two common angles, and the picture is not attractive

Select only one wood as the main body, close to shoot, and look for some special angles, so that the sunlight scattered on the lake also appears in the picture. Focusing on the wood makes the sunlight in the background show a light spot effect. The picture is very attractive and atmosphere

In the park, the little girl’s parents were taking pictures of her. In order to capture this warm picture and get a different effect, we adopt a close to the ground overhead shot, tilt the camera, and use the line elements on the ground to increase the sense of space in the picture

When shooting the beautiful stone arch bridge from a normal angle, more people use the reflection in the water for symmetrical composition, but the weather on that day was not good enough to show the sky, so we chose some unconventional angles, took the reflection in the water as the main body, and took the picture upside down to get a very dreamy picture

Pay more attention to the color relationship in the scene

When photography enters the era of color photography, color plays a decisive role in the picture effect. The saturation, temperature bias, and the relationship between colors will all affect the performance of the picture. In photography creation, if we want to increase the attractiveness of the picture, we should pay more attention to the color contrast relationship in the scene. Nature has endowed us with a colorful world. Different colors have certain relationships, and the most frequently mentioned color relationships are contrast colors and coordinated colors.

When shooting, you can choose elements with obvious color contrast for shooting, which can enhance the visual impact and attraction of the picture. For example, hue contrast, light and dark contrast, cold and warm contrast, or saturation contrast are all related to contrast colors. In addition, you can also use the relationship between coordinated colors to shoot, bringing harmony and peace to the picture.

The golden ginkgo leaves in autumn form a sharp color contrast with the green poplar leaves, and the picture effect is very vivid. Selecting a trunk close to the tree to look up can enhance the visual impact of the picture

The red palace wall forms a color contrast with the green trees emerging from the wall. This color contrast can also increase the attractiveness of the picture

Good at finding shadows and local light

In the previous content, we have already introduced the importance of light. Photography creation is dealing with light. Light is also a necessary creation condition for our photographers, which can bring different effects to the pictures. Shooting with the light and shadow effect produced by the light shining on the scene can make the picture more artistic. When shooting and creating with light and shadow, you can shoot according to the following points.

① Take the shadow of a certain scene as the main subject, but pay attention to the clean and concise scene showing the shadow, such as the wall.

② Use the light and shadow contrast with the surrounding environment to create photography.

③ The local light appearing in the dark environment is used for composition shooting to increase the screen interest points.

Walking along the street, the building is in the shadow area as a whole, but at this time a beam of light and shadow hit the wall, which is a very good shooting theme

Compose and shoot the picture to remove the messy elements. In order to make the picture more effective, find the actual position of the shadow, let the partners of the same industry act as passers-by, and leave shadows to increase the interest points of the picture. At the same time, the sun and the shadow area form a color contrast relationship, which makes the picture feel better

After reading these 6 o’clock, I don’t know what you think aboutMobile photographyDo you have a deeper understanding? In fact, there are many beautiful pictures in life, waiting for us to record!