How to make your food photos stand out from the circle of friends

It is a necessary ceremony for modern young people to order food and serve with camera first. It doesn’t even matter whether the food is delicious or not. The important thing is whether you can take photos of it to make it “look delicious”. It is often said that eating without taking photos is free.

How to be a gourmet in the circle of friends? Photos are the key. It is impossible for us to put a camera in our bag every day when we go out, but the mobile phone is sure to stay with us all the time. As long as you can use your mobile phone well, it is enough to make your food photos dominate the circle of friends!

The essence of taking food is to take still life. The advantage is that all the basic elements are under your control (except for the fixed lighting in the restaurant). You can take as long as you want and as long as you want, but there are drawbacks. It is more difficult to control the details, and the subtle changes in light, shadow or composition will be magnified. It is easy to photograph food, but difficult to photograph food well. If you want to achieve significant results, you must start from these points.

1、 Use up

The best choice for taking food is natural light, which can make food natural and comfortable, and restore the original color of food better; The second is artificial light source, which can be controlled freely, but pay attention to the problem of color temperature; Finally, if you want to create special effects, you can try flash.

(Natural light)

(Artificial light)

2、 Composition

In order to simplify learning, we divide the composition into two points: one is the view angle, and the other is the composition proportion. Photographing is a process of transforming three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional plane. By changing the viewing angle, you can change the geometric position of the screen elements. Is it a full view or a close-up? Looking down or up? Is it a triangle composition or a three part composition?

It mainly depends on your expression intention. If you want to show that the food is rich, it will be better to look down;

If there is a dish that is especially popular on the Internet, you must use the composition to highlight the main body;

If you want to make the food look mouth watering and have a sense of impact, you need to use close-up.

Composition can comply with the most basic laws. Central composition, three-way composition and diagonal composition are simple and practical.

(Three part composition)

(Diagonal composition)

(Central composition)

Secondly, it is the choice of composition scale. This is why the mobile phone is more convenient than the camera. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 in my hand can choose a composition scale of 4:3/16:9/1:1. The most commonly used size is 4:3, which is comfortable and simple;

If you want to take an IG style top view, you must use 1:1;

If you want to take a full picture of the dining table, you can use 16:9.

3、 Focus

Touch the screen to select the focus. Thanks to the F/1.7 large aperture dual lens of Samsung Galaxy Note8, the virtual effect is very obvious, so pay more attention to the selection of focus. Focus on the food body, and the body should be in the best light position. Because what our eyes first notice is often the brightest area in the picture, and the accurate focus will deepen our impression, so even if it is illusory, it can also add three-dimensional sense to the picture.

4、 Food mode

We mentioned the basic elements of light, composition and focus. If we can master them well, we can basically take a good picture of food. However, we will not be satisfied with this, because we still have food patterns!

(Normal mode)

(Food mode)

Although mobile photography is not professional, it is more targeted, which is also the advantage of mobile photography. The food mode of Samsung Galaxy Note8 is like a finishing touch, which can raise the already excellent food photos to a higher level.

(Food mode interface)

(Food mode effect)

If we observe carefully, we will find three characteristics under the food mode: first, the color of food is more vivid;

(Normal mode)

(Food mode)

The second is to increase the effect of radial blur, and select the location and range, so that the main body is more prominent;

(Optional Radial Blur)

The third is custom adjustment of white balance to overcome color deviation under artificial light source.

(warm color)

(Cool color)

Above all, when you have mastered these skills, mobile phones are fully competent for cameras, making your food photos stand out from the circle of friends.