How to make photos more “visual”

There are so many people who can take photos. Good works are piled up. How can you make your works stand out?

Today, let’s tell you 12 photography tips to make your photos more “visual”!

What is “perception”? Some photos will be found by the audience at a glance in a pile of photos. Some of these photos will have a strong “visual impact”, while others will be “thought-provoking”. This is called “perception”, which is the secret to make photos different.

1. Strong perspective effect

The so-called perspective is near, far and small. If the camera is close to the subject, the perspective effect will be stronger. Close up photos can cause strong visual impact. It is often easy to get pictures with strong perspective effects when using ultra wide angle lenses.

2. Different shooting angles

Try to shoot from a different angle than before, so that the viewer can naturally see the characteristics of things that cannot be seen at ordinary times. Because it is not common at ordinary times, it will make the audience refreshing.

3. The main body is very clear and sharp

Generally speaking, the basic requirement of photography is that the subject is clear. If the subject is very clear and sharp, people will always feel refreshed.

4. Background falsification

When the background is very virtual, it can not only highlight the clear subject, but also the most important thing is that the virtual background itself will have a fascinating effect. This may be the reason why we pursue large aperture lens.

5. An extended picture

Gradual scenes are not uncommon in life. But as long as there is such a scene, people’s eyes will be naturally attracted. They will look at the past from near to far, and finally focus on the distant convergence point (vanishing point).

6. Backlight shooting

When the soft backlight hits through the plants or hairs, the soft outline light will always be emitted around the subject. The “bright” of this “penetrating” is absolutely different from the “bright” of the smooth light. Everyone likes this. However, the less “dead white” covers the backlight of the subject, the better.

7. Close up of characters

Whether you shoot a pair of eyes looking straight at you, or shoot a ravine or hair beard on your face, people will feel that there is a story behind the person in the photo. No matter whether it is real or not, it seems that it is.

8. People are very small in the picture

If you take a small picture of the characters, and the picture can still be seen, it means that the background must be a good natural landscape or cultural landscape, and it must be a big scene. This is a move here at this time, which definitely makes people think that the picture is hard to ponder.

At this time, your mind often turns to the relationship between the characters and the environment, as well as the exclamation of “This place is really good”.

9. Can see clearly in fog

When shooting in foggy weather, the color of the picture often becomes very light or single. In this way, the picture will look clean and neat. But if you can’t see anything clearly, you will feel “dirty” instead. So the clear and clear, coupled with this clean and neat “hazy”, will make everyone look “pleasing to the eye”.

10. The rosy clouds before sunrise and after sunset

Before sunrise or after sunset, if you catch the good weather, the color of the sky is really changeable. This fine day does not mean a sunny day with only the sun. Why should there be clouds in the sky? Of course, each has its own advantages when there are more clouds than clouds.

If you can foresee such fine weather, you must find a good place to shoot. There is a saying in Photographic Notes that “Look at the ground when the sky is beautiful”.

11. Slow door

The world seen by the human eye is always connected in an instant. So the images you recall that exist in your mind are basically frozen. However, the camera has a slow gate exposure, which can virtualize the dynamic elements in reality into a track. This is a scene that is difficult for the human eye to see when looking at the world. People will naturally be attracted by such pictures.

12. Black and white

The style is not enough, black and white. When we take a picture in black and white, we always find that the style is really improved. First of all, because most old things can pass down classics, we will see many black and white classics. In the long run, we will naturally default that black and white are related to “classics”.

Then, because black and white can simplify all colors into black, white and gray color scales, the picture looks more concise. Personally, I think both humanistic and portrait works can be tried. But the scenery… it’s really better to be colorful.

Well, have you learned all the above 12 methods? It doesn’t matter if you don’t learn it. Just practice and clap more!