How to effectively learn to shoot food photography?

Start learning in 2014Food photographySo far, I have opened my ownFood photographyClass. In more than two years, I have entered a path I love. In fact, I have gone through a very hard stage. In this stage, the most important thing is to get twice the result with half the effort so that I can get started quickly. In order to help more people who like food photography to learn more efficiently, I have compiled several important ways to learn into blog articles, which are all my personal experience, for reference only. Of course, I can really benefit you. The happiest person is me, hey hey.

1、 Have “sharp tools”

First of all, you should have “sharp tools”. Excellent equipment can bring twice the result with half the effort to your shooting. My second SLR canon 6D and the first large three-element lens EF 24~70mm F/2.8 were my failures in order to take food photography. However, most people use fixed focus to shoot food, such as 50mm and Xinbaiwei. It is suggested that you consult the people who have used it before purchasing the machine, which may be helpful.

2、 Play with your camera

This is really important. I have seen a lot of people’s cameras bought and used for more than N years. I don’t know where to adjust the exposure mode, let alone the aperture and shutter speed. Please thoroughly understand all the functions of your camera so that you can have more control over your creation. Only in this way can you create beautiful images.

3、 A good photography book

In fact, the instructions and operation manual attached with the manufacturer when you buy the machine is a treasure book for getting started quickly. Please read it first and remember to learn all the functions of the camera. As I said, only one classic book is enough. I strongly recommend the New York Photography Academy Photography Course, which introduces all aspects of photography knowledge in simple terms and is worth having.

4、 More pictures of foreign food photography

There are many excellent food photography blogs and websites abroad. It is very helpful for you to read more about the style of food photography. Pay special attention to the use of light and composition of the photographer to find his favorite style. My favorite is the work of the author of “The Taste of Happiness”. She is very particular about using light and composition.

5、 Learn something about food

Even if you don’t want to be a professional food photographer, it is very important for you to learn and accumulate relevant food knowledge. For example, you need to know that Makaron melts quickly when shooting in summer. You need to seize the time to shoot, and it can be OK to shoot for several hours in winter.

6、 Take more pictures and practice more

In fact, your actual shooting is the most important. You can accumulate experience through your own exploration and practice. This stage is relatively hard. When you take good photos, everything is worth it.

7、 Analyze the results of each shot

You can’t ignore this point. After each shot, put the photos on the computer for viewing. You also need to analyze the existing problems this time, such as light ratio, color matching, and so on. Remember that the next shot should pay attention to the recurrence of problems, constantly summarize experience, and continue to improve the shooting technology and skills. You are growing. Come on!