How do photographers make their photographic works more interesting

Today I want to share with you how toPhotographyworksIncrease interest. These six techniques can quickly make your photos more interesting. I hope thatcourseThe friends on the Internet are helpful.

After taking pictures for a period of time, do you find that the exposure of the photos is correct and the composition is not too bad, but the photos are always a little dull and ordinary? Here are 6 tips to make your photos more interesting. You can add them when you take them next time. They will be more attractive.

(1) Add an interesting point

Many friends also like to take pictures of landscapes, especially those who are new to photography. Because landscapes do not move around like people or animals or need communication, it is easier to learn. But the most beautiful landscapes are taken more often, and there are also opportunities to become dull. At this time, you may want to think about how to add a “interesting point” to photos, so that photos can have more changes, and it is easier to have a focus of observation. But when choosing “interesting points”, remember to choose something meaningful or relevant, and this interesting point can be more useful as a foreground to set off the picture.

Adding a prominent yellow road sign to the photo is more abundant than just shooting the blue sky and white clouds behind

(2) Join yourself

Shooting is lonely. As a photographer, most people take pictures for people or other scenes with a camera. The next time you travel or see interesting pictures, you can consider joining yourself! In addition to constructing a picture and asking someone to press the express door for you, it is also a good way to use a tripod+self timer countdown. Note that the focus should be on yourself, or the nearby stones, railings and other things on the same plane (distance), so that you can stand at the expected position when shooting!

Even if it is a beautiful aurora, you will make the photos more interesting!

(3) Use Size Comparison

How can readers feel the magnificent scenery? We can simply make good use of “size contrast”, such as adding huts, bicycles, and even characters to the picture. In this way, we can contrast what we will see in daily life with the scene environment to set off the magnificent scenery! In fact, this can also be used in conjunction with the previous “add interesting points” rule.

Small figures highlight the magnificent waterfall.

(4) Convert another angle and focus

The tradition of shooting landscapes with wide angle and people with long focal length has its value and reason, but sometimes it is necessary to shoot interesting effects or add more changes to your photo collection. You must break these “rules” and try to shoot with lenses of different focal lengths in the same scene. Of course, you should also clearly understand the characteristics of various focal lengths, such as wide-angle lenses that will deform and exaggerate the sense of space; The telephoto can compress the front and back scenes, increase the shallow depth of field, etc., but as long as you think carefully, you can make good use of these features to take good photos!

Wide angle mirror brings out exaggerated deformation effect.

On the other hand, different angles will have a great impact on the perception of photos, so don’t forget to try shooting at high angles, low angles, different backgrounds, etc. Many times you will be surprised that photos suddenly become very interesting.

Taking pictures from different angles can make them more interesting. Finally, if you have a chance, try taking pictures with interesting fish glasses.

(5) Make good use of light and dark effects

Photography is about shooting “light and shadow”. If the light in your photos is often evenly distributed, it will easily become ordinary and dull. In order to enhance the impact of your photos, you may want to pay more attention to the light and shadow around you. If you can grasp the effect of shooting light and shadow, you can usually take more dramatic and interesting pictures.

Light and dark can add water and bamboo to the photo to add dramatic effect.

(6) Intentional overexposure or underexposure

Generally, beginners of photography should first learn to “correctly expose” to avoid overexposure or underexposure of photos. However, after mastering exposure techniques, sometimes they deliberately make photos overexposure or dark to make them feel stronger and bring out the desired effect! Overexposure is often used for backlight photos, while underexposure can be used to take silhouettes. The two types of photos can also be very beautiful and distinctive. Students should try.

Proper overexposure can take beautiful backlight photos.


Photography is a very interesting art, and it is very personal. As long as you like the same scene, you can also feel the same way! Of course, whether you can really shoot the effect you want requires you to improve your photography skills, which is why you need to keep learning.