How do beginners of photography take beautiful landscape photos

Good food can satisfy people’s appetite, beautiful skin bags can make people happy, beautiful scenery can purify the soul, andPhotographyA teacher is a magician who can freeze these beautiful things. Are you willing to be the magician who turns the beautiful moments into eternity? Today, the editor of Mr. Wang’s photography training school in Xi’an will tell you how a beginner of photography can become a magic photography magician.

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            <p style=For beginners of photography, first of all, they should learn to take pictures of scenery, while for taking pictures of scenery on the way, it is to wash their minds and relax their minds. Many people say that they know very well in their hearts what kind of position, what angle, and how big the aperture should be, but they are not satisfied in actual operation. Xi’an Photography Training School has something to say, which must be because you are not familiar with and can use the camera flexibly, And there are too few practical operations and lack of aesthetic vision, so you can’t take beautiful photos in the same place and at the same angle as those masters. Small details can also make your photos different.

So Mr. Wang’s Photography Training School is here to teach you how to quickly shoot beautiful landscapes:

First: When shooting the sky, you can first see whether the color of the sky is full enough. If the color is bright, we can use the three-way composition.

Second: If there is only one color of the sky, such as dark weather, or dense clouds in the mountains, and there is no other color to connect, you can leave enough space for the sky when taking photossynthesissky.

Third: Looking down, the distant mountains and terraces connected with the sky are uneven. At this time, we should look for interesting points with lines and layers. We can use the lines of the terraced fields and the roofs among the mountains to reflect the three-dimensional sense of the picture. Even though the sky was not photographed at this time, the light from the sun through the mountains was still beautiful.

Fourth: In fact, we are most likely to ignore some local images when shooting the scenery, such as the small houses in the distance and the wisps of smoke in the sky. If we use the telephoto to call some small details, the effect may be much better than imagined.

Fifth: In landscape shooting, you can also use more foreshadowing to guide the viewer to move a line of sight, but you must pay attention not to be too monotonous, and pay attention to lines.

The so-called scenery photography is to accumulate experience in continuous practice. Some scenery shots close to each other will make the whole picture very complex, while some scenery shots far away will make the picture too bleak, monotonous and lifeless. Therefore, when shooting landscapes, we must use the distance of the focal length and multi adjustment lens and use the long focus to coordinate the local picture sense.

For beginners of photography, these tips are essential skills. They must be skillfully used and mastered. At the same time, they must have their own ideas to take photos of their own style.