How can mobile photography be better and better?

As the camera conditions of mobile phones become more and more perfect, mobile phones are used as shooting equipment by more and more people. In the past, we have also pushed a lot aboutMobile photographyArticles, including mobile photography skills, interviews with mobile photographers, and appreciation of mobile photography works, but even so, many film friends will ask, how to learn in the end, in order to shoot better with mobile phones? Then, I will share with you a step of learning mobile photography, which is also my experience of using mobile photography. I hope you can learn from it.

Be ready to take photos at any time

One of the most important reasons why mobile photography is so popular is its portability. People will take their mobile phones wherever they go, and those who like photography will take pictures wherever they go.

Good works need to be accumulated. If you want to learn mobile photography well, it is also important to insist on taking more photos. Whether you are on a beautiful journey or walking in a street familiar with the city, you can observe life more, find special details, record rare moments, and be ready to take photos anytime and anywhere. That is the beginning of a good work.

Shoot at any time but not casually

Shoot at any time, but not just hold up your phone and press the shutter without thinking, but have a certain amount of thinking before shooting, and ask yourself once in your mind. Do you want to record a beautiful picture, the light and shadow of that moment, or capture a story when you take this picture? Only by shooting with ideas can you shoot better and better.

For example, a special light and shadow ▼ A moment engraved with a story ▼ Or specially arranged picture ▼ Attention should be paid to scene selection and composition

It is undeniable that both framing and composition are the key to determining the quality of a photograph. With the same scenery and the same equipment, different people will have different effects. So even if you just shoot with your mobile phone, when you choose a good angle and arrange the composition, you can also take good pictures.

If your mobile phone does not have the function of large aperture blurring, you may as well choose a simple background when shooting, which can make the picture cleaner and the subject more prominent.

It is found that more diversified compositions, such as frame composition and guide line composition, can make the picture more three-dimensional and hierarchical.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of equipment

The shooting equipment in your hand is just like a gun in the battlefield. You should understand its operation methods, advantages and disadvantages, so as to give full play to its level. It is often more important to know your equipment than to have good equipment.

The mobile phone is basically equipped with a wide-angle lens. When you are shooting close to an object, it is easy to cause serious distortion. Therefore, when shooting, you should pay more attention to the geometric lines in the viewfinder box, or select more large scene compositions to shoot from a level view angle, which can avoid distortion.

(Pay attention to the distortion of lines when shooting buildings)

Another great advantage of the mobile phone lens is that it can focus at a close distance. Therefore, you can capture some details, such as object texture and water droplets, so that you can see a more delicate and delicate world.

Of course, you need to try to unlock more functions yourself.

Use professional model

Nowadays, most mobile phones are equipped with professional mode, which provides more playability for photography enthusiasts. If you have mastered the framing and composition, have rich ideas, and know enough about the equipment, try the professional mode in the mobile phone next. When shooting, adjust ISO, shutter, color temperature, etc. as needed to get rid of the limitations of mobile phone shooting and shoot the effect you want to shoot more.

With the professional mode, it is easy to take long exposure of night scenes with mobile phones.

Later promotion is more enjoyable

I did my best in the early stage, and I will make up for it in the later stage to make the picture even better. Don’t sneer at the later stage. In fact, it is also a part of photography creation. If you want to make the picture look better and more complete, it is necessary to do a proper later stage. Of course, don’t just make adjustments for the later period, but to achieve the effect you want.

(The above figure mainly adjusts the distortion of the picture, turning it into black and white, improving the contrast, making the picture cleaner and the theme more prominent)

(The above figure has been cut, brightened and color adjusted to make the picture fuller and cleaner overall)

Finally, it is the old saying. If you want to take good photos, you need to think more, learn more and act more, and stick to taking pictures. If you have other ways to improve mobile photography, you are also welcome to share them in the comment area~